Perricone disaster overnight miscellany: The heat is on

Indeed it is folks as we start with Times Picayune Editor Gordon Russell:

At this point I’d like to say it was not a very bold prediction to say the Fazzio prosecution is very much endangered by the unfolding scandal at the US Attorney’s office as the dominoes continue to fall.

Jim Letten’s last prosecutor in River Birch landfill probe should be removed, Fazzio argues ~ Manuel Torres

But there is mucho downside risk for Heebe in using the courts as a means to unmask internet commenters via SLAPP suits as there are two issues in play that I can see, though only the one that benefits Fred Heebe has become manifest to this point.  I mention this because there is no way in hell his defamation suits against Jan Mann and Sal Perricone are going back to state court and when these suits proceed he best have his lap dog Garland(fill) Robinette ready to ‘splain things. I mention this because:

Sal Perricone’s ‘online sniping’ is a matter for state court, Fred Heebe argues ~ Manuel Torres

Finally I’ll add there are two angles here that have popped up a time or two in comments at either NOLA or Slabbed, one involving whistleblower Anne Marie Vandenweghe and another involving Gidget aka the Canal Street Madam aka Jeanette Maier.  AMV gets a separate post later but Patricia left a link and comment yesterday those catching up may wish to consider:

In November 2002, government and defense lawyers met in Judge Lemelle’s chambers and squared off over the secret customer list. Defense lawyers, convinced the government was treating their female clients unfairly, threatened to go public with the men’s names. According to one of the lawyers in the judge’s chambers, the one name that kept popping up during the tense meeting was that of the son of the former head of the Louisiana Republican Party.

The pressure in the room was explosive. Suddenly, Assistant U.S. Attorney Gaynell Williams, one of the lead prosecutors, lurched to her feet. “I don’t feel very good,” she said. “I think I need some air.” She staggered toward the door and just barely made it into the hallway when she toppled over. As she fell, her face hit the wall. Her eyebrow spilt open and blood poured down her cheek. Lawyers rushed to her side. Someone fanned her. Someone else tried to stop the bleeding. Moments later, an ambulance arrived and medics carted off the government attorney.

And ‘Gate disclosed some information I recently learned:

Let’s set the record straight:

1) There are any number of people who have a “copy” of both the book (names and phone numbers of clients) and the tapes (of clients who would order in advance for their preferences)

We now know Senator David “Diaper Dave” Vitter was ensnared along with Billy Nungesser and that both guys like their sex kinky.  Vitter of course was the guy who got Judge Kurt Engelhardt on the bench. Engelhardt in a prior life was Vitter’s campaign manager and somewhere along the line it came out the Sinator used his campaign money to indulge his sexual proclivities and that it was Engelhardt that likely wrote the checks.

It is those loose copies of Maier’s black book that has people theorizing the events in Judge Engelhardt’s courtroom are as much about damage control and containment than anything else, fueled by the close circle of sociopolitical relationships people are observing.

Should Slabbed happen to come by one of these stray copies of Maier’s black book, since we are the transparency blog, I’d publish it ASAP. Stay tuned.

17 thoughts on “Perricone disaster overnight miscellany: The heat is on”

    1. According to the Wino, Polite doesn’t fit and he will not be the next US Attorney. She says to think old school politics on the next choice.

      1. Is that’s a reference to a John Volz type old school over hype? Then god help us cause he sold out Garrison when he was his assistant and was made out to be a jackass by Edwards who in 14 try

        1. I wish I could tell you but the Wino clammed up saying only to follow the money to Landrieu. Public Integrity is handling the prosecutions now so the current investigations are not in danger from the change that is coming and like it or not change is coming to the LAED.

        2. Tom, go you one better. In spite of the fact a first year law school student could have nabbed a certain cluster of criminal crime families mooching the public of oil/gas/mineral revenues, does it surprise you that one US malprosecutorial type was a consigliere to one of those “families”?

        3. Let me see here. If I remember correctly John Volz, after leaving as US Atty and not being elected to public office in St. Tammany after several attempts, ran an “adult clothing store” in the French Quarter with his then self-described ‘strip teaser’ wife, Daisey. Somehow he manages to get another Federal Government teat job in Tulsa, Ok. as an Adminisrative Law Judge, and dies there.

          While manipulating his legal career here in NOLA, he works in Garrison’s office, becomes the Federal Public Defender, changes political parties enough times so as to accomadate being appointed US Attorney that can best being described as a fascist regime with Al Winters as his pit bull gatekeeper.

          And you wonder what has been wrong with this office for so long ?

  1. few weeks ago, WWL -TV reported that the short list for Letten’s replacement was headed by Charles Rice. Now, that’s a scary thought.

        1. The way I see it, you’re right, ,and we’d be no worse off. Kyle Schonekas would be a great 1st Assistant and bringing back Gibbens is a win win. And hiring Buddy Lemann as the Office’s public ombudsman would be in order.

    1. I don’t think Rice could pass the confirmation hearings. All one has to do is look into his shenanigans with his brother-in-law deal for the “bomb proof” garbage cans while Rice was with the Nagin administration.

  2. This all stinks to high heaven, like David Vitter returning his blue slip on the hold on Shelley Dick for the Federal Judgeship in Baton Rouge.

    Landrieu was quoted as saying how accomplished she was as a lawyer, yet when you look her up on Westlaw, she only has about 100 profiler references. And, in her brief stint as an ad hoc comp judge, she managed to fuck up the PPO litigation until the Supreme Court finally stepped in and told her (and some of the other comp judges) that there was no claim by the medical providers who had KNOWINGLY contracted for lower reimbursement rates from the comp carriers, but then claimed that they were owed for underpayments. Insurers paid out MILLIONS to settle these claims before the Supreme Court’s decision in Agilus.

    And, surprise, surprise, Dick is the sister-in-law of Chief Justice Kitty Kimball. Politics as usual……

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