Sherry murder co-conspirator Pete Halet released from prison

For true folks he was released and is transitioning back into society up in the ‘Burg at St Thomas Catholic Church across 4th Street from Southern Miss.  Miss Dixie has all the skinny for the Sun Herald and it is well worth the read.

The Sherry murders still captivates the public after all these years and I could tell something was up via recent Google search strings and traffic patterns here on Slabbed.   Halet’s release from prison is sure to stir up strong emotions, both from his family, likely the only people on the coast that believe he is innocent of murder conspiracy as well as the surviving members of the Sherry family who still deal with the fallout of the mafia hit all these years later.

Finally newbies may want to check out Slabbed’s last post on this topic which featured a few remarks from surviving members of the Sherry family.

5 thoughts on “Sherry murder co-conspirator Pete Halet released from prison”

  1. Please see Justice For Ronnie & Daddy — or go to the web link
    the-missing-voice- by Jody Newman. My story is true. My brother & my daddy were murdered in Gulfport, MS both murders ruled suicide.
    In 2013 I was told by Cold Case Investigator he was 99.9% sure my brother was murdered by members of the Dixie Mafia in 1967… My farher a retired Police Officer was gunned down in his drive way in 2003. His case closed. He was murdered due to information he held on the Sherry’s murders and was begining to talk at 80 years old..

  2. Talk about injustice and then finally justice …. Watch “The Pharmacist” on Netflix and you will understand the NOPD, U.S. District Attorney at the time and the DEA were all on the take $$$$ from opiod dealing doctors that cost hundreds of lives across the Gulf coast. And one determined German pharmacist lead the fight for justice yet the corrupt doctors never saw prison walls.

    I no longer recognize this country as a country where the justice lady in blindfold exists.

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