If I could impart a general idea of the battle going on in Jefferson Parish……

River Birch’s Fred Heebe shouldn’t be suing prosecutors while halting suits against himself, filing argues ~ Manuel Torres NOLA Media Group

You can always count on the folks at Smith Fawer to make things interesting.Ā  šŸ˜‰Ā  ThoseĀ  interested to see how Slabbed fits into thisĀ melee should click here.


23 thoughts on “If I could impart a general idea of the battle going on in Jefferson Parish……”

  1. Am I blind, or am I the only one that see the problems inherent with the conflicted Judiciary of the EDLA regarding all things Heebe. Here’s a couple of questions that look to me like ligitimate inquiry:

    1) Why didn

  2. Having dealt with both Magner and Perricone, I can tell you that Mike Magner is a class act and one of the most professional people that worked at the USA. I cannot say the same for Perricone. It was a shame that Magner was not in the “right clique,” as he testified, and eventually left to go to Jones Walker. I suspect that is one reason why the USA’s office is in such disarray now.

    1. That all maybe true imaangry and I do respect your view but I can’t understand why particular in his leaving and knowing nothing had been done to stop it that he didn’t contact Washington being a resident of the New Orleans area himself knowing the corruption and cases at stake ? Sorry there is some shared culpability here for him which does need to be examined. Thank goodness AMV herself didn

      1. Tom I wish I could divulge everything I know but I can’t but brother there is mucho irony to mentioning Magner and AMV in the same comment.

        One day the entire story will be told and you’ll understand. Ignatius would tell you I’m a tease and that is true but my hands are tied.

        The bigger problem is what the Wino told me last night. She says the local power brokers do not trust Mr. Polite. She tells me to follow the money to the establishment choice with connections to Mary Landrieu.

      2. And look what happened to AMV when she did shine the lights on the corruption. She was attacked by the leftovers. And when she retaliated, the corrupt sack of shit LaDart tries to help the crooks! We’re doomed people. Unless the people wake up and……….No, we ARE doomed.

  3. Doug you’re right I may not be in the know of all the facts but really at this point I’m not sure any one person is even though they may think so . I have seen my words twisted simply because my take is that none of this is happenstance . And to Sock I never told you’re not entitled to your opinions too bad that you are that small minded .

    1. And Tom what I’m telling you is that if you knew the whole story as it deals with two specific people, Mike Magner and AMV, you’d not be blaming Magner for Sal Perricone and Jan Mann’s unethical behavior.

      1. Tom is right. He never blamed Magner for Sal’s and Jan’s behavior. He simply, and rightfully IMHO, questioned why Magner did not speak-up beyond telling his direct supervisor, even after he left the USA Office. Everyone needs to take a step back and see the forest for the trees. We all need to keep asking the questions and seeking the facts. Hopefully you will be able to divulge your information before it is too late, Doug. Let’s keep digging and letting the sun shine.

        1. Magner answered that question VZ. The rumors of splits in the investigation, of deadheads on the payroll in Letten’s office, and open inter-agency warfare have been persistent for over 2 years.

          It’s all coming out and we need it all out so you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll keep digging and continue to search for the truth. We’re blessed because to my knowledge no one from DoJ has posted anything to Slabbed on any of these matters at hand.

          Perricone buying into TheRiot’s early meme that Slabbed was AMV’s alter ego has kept us outta his mess and for that bit of ignorance I am grateful.

          Let’s roll.

          1. Doug ,
            You know I respect you however how is it that you know for sure Magner adequately answered or even was asked the question of why he did not contact Washington when the transcripts of his testimony are sealed ? Also how did this judge learn to have Magner testify or that he would have information and why does it appear there was no cross examination by a Washington representative ?

            1. Why would he contact DC Tom when he had no responsibility to do so? Up in Oxford, FBI agent Hal Neilsen went to DC and ended up being indicted by the people he complained about – you think Magner was so dumb he did not notice such things?

              The better question is why didn’t Magner’s supervisors do anything with the info? Maybe they knew better too. But at the end of the day it is not the low guy on the totem pole that is at fault and this disaster is not Mike Magner’s fault

              At some point you’d think Sal Perricone would have come completely clean and he didn’t. That is not Mike Magner’s fault. You’d think at some point Jan Mann would have manned up but she didn’t and that is not Mike Magner’s fault.

              I’d love to throw stones at Mike Magner because he is associated with the official law firm of the Goatherder Nation assisting Aaron Broussard’s former associates with trying to squelch this exact type of constitutionally protected discussion and it appears Jones Walker is indeed rotten to its core but I call ’em like I see ’em.

    1. Doug in reference to your last statement IMHO he had a moral obligation to his fellow citizens to contact Washington had he done so he would not find himself in the situation of having multiple people deny his testimony and be accused of being a disgruntle employee cause that

      1. So that I understand you Tom, you’re saying a moral obligation that you made up and pulled out of thin air somehow trumps the clearly stated ethical obligations his bosses Sal Perricone and Jan Mann ignored?

        I’m trying to figure out the thought process that gives passes to the perpetrators and casts blame for their actions on the underlings.

          1. Tom it’s not your words being twisted … it’s your reasoning that is twisted. Crawl out of Letten’s ass and get some fresh air. I am beginning to believe you are the twisted alter ego of David Christenson … the very same person you rail about constantly on NOLA under the commenting name ‘JPchirper’.

      1. There you go … either every name used is Christenson or they’re in league with him. And for your information, Whitmer is a punked out POS criminal, and so his cunt-whore wife for that matter.

        1. Whit ,
          Sorry maybe I stuck a nerve I did’t know you had feelings for David how long you too been dating ? By the way never met Whitmer but if I had a reason to hate some one as much as you do the last thing I would take on is his name partucularly in this case cause your’e making him look good .

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