The cancer in Jim Letten’s office diagnosed as metastatic and the patient is terminal. A playing on the internet update. (Updated)

Well folks all the prosecutions Sal Perricone commented upon are all getting a second looksie including the post Katrina Danziger Bridge murders. It goes without saying that Jan Mann should have resigned weeks ago but yesterday the noose around her career’s neck was tightened considerably by Judge Engelhardt, who ordered the Department of Justice to reopen an investigation into leaks on the Danziger case using the term “prosecutorial misconduct” in his order.  Well worth noting is the fact it strongly appears Mann lied to Judge Engelhardt.

Laura Maggi’s story that I linked above is worth the read for another reason as she used the Engelhardt order to explain Billy Gibbens, attorney for both convicted NOPD officer Archie Kaufman and Fred Heebe.  Gibbens is rumored to be the guy that dropped the proverbial dime on Perricone and Mann’s extracurricular internet activities.

Finally Mark Moseley at Your Right Hand Thief and Jason Berry at AZ have tackled this general topic from different angles in posts that are well worth the read as the Perricone debacle has turned into a national story.


Gordon Russell at NOLA Media Group has a new story detailing the testimony of Mike Magner earlier this month that is a must read. The political/social incest in Letten’s office is once again on display as we cue to Mayor Mitchmo’s baby bro, one of the people Magner notified about Perricone’s online antics. Judge Engelhardt was repeatedly lied to and misled by Jim Letten’s office and he is clearly pissed.

Worth noting is the fact that Perricone has evidently come clean on his handle CampStBlue, something he did not do in his late summer chat with Errol (and the noisemakers).

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  1. Right on with the cancer diagnosis.
    Treatment MUST START by CUTTING out the TUMOR named JIM LETTEN.
    I’ve been telling ya’ll this for YEARS.



    These are the same deviants who participated in the horrors that people suffered during Hurricane Katrina & BP Oil Spill.
    Just look at what’s happened to ASHTON!
    The horrible murders & human rights violations committed against INNOCENT Citizens trying to deal with the wrath after the storm!
    Does anyone HONESTLY BELIEVE That LETTEN is honorable? (besides zombie?)


  3. Doug:

    I don’t remember whether it was a comment or an e-mail I sent to you, but I think I predicted something like this within minutes of Perricone being unmasked. Ouch! My arm hurts again from self-generated back-patting.

  4. All the corrupt jailed/indicted/ unindicted politicos are cheering Englehardt on and I bet many of them or their agents are all commenting on NOLA .com ranting and bitching about injustice and throwing gas on the fire.

    What was done to Ashton O’Dwyer is the definition of perfect injustice and everything else is just imperfect injustice.

    Thank goodness the A Team from Wash and Judge Head just keep marching to the beat that some kind of justice will eventually and finally be done regarding the JP Mafia.

    1. Lockie you know Slabbed is not a fan of Judge Engelhardt nor the NOPD officers involved in the slaughter at the Danziger bridge but we should all be cheering him.

      I’ve seen Mike Magner in action in a courtroom and he is a talented court room lawyer/litigator. Later on through associations Slabbed gained covering the insurance litigation I would learn from another one of Magner’s colleagues in the legal community that his rep among his peers is that he’s a straight shooter.

      I mention this because of the latest bombshell Gordon Russell delivered a few hours ago for NOLA. I’ll update this post when I get a chance.

      I noticed a comment or two on Gordon’s piece questioning why Engelhardt is speaking out. The short answer is he isn’t doing anything of the sort as the source info is coming from PACER and court transcripts.

      I will attest that Sock Puppet predicted all this months ago but I need no convincing that Sockie is one of the best in the business.

      1. Also, let’s back up for a minute and remember why Letten stayed on through the election of Obama. No doubt his fellow De La Salle alumnus Vitter wanted to keep Letten in place. So it was really up to Mary Landrieu as to whether Letten stayed. And as now has become crystal clear, one of Magner’s “superiors” to whom he voiced his concerns about Perricone’s potential blogging was Mary’s little brother, Maurice. I’m not suggesting anything untoward about what Maurice Landrieu did, or did not do, with the information, I’m just making a point.

        I do no criminal work, much less Federal criminal work, but it seems extremely out of the ordinary for Judge Engelhardt to be putting lawyers under oath and deposing them. Obviously, something in the law gave him that right, but it’s a procedure I’ve never heard of before this.

        This is serious stuff, folks. But the ultimate conclusion can be only one of two things: 1) Letten knew about the misconduct by his high-ranking subordinates and lied about it, or 2) He has lost control of his office to the extent that several high-profile prosecutions have been tainted by this pervasive misconduct.

        And what makes this even worse is that Letten essentially came out in public and said that Perricone was the lone offender, and all the while his right-hand woman was also guilty. It makes you wonder if Letten has ever heard of forensic computer analysis. Many of the comments made by Perricone and Mann were made on weekdays during work hours, which would indicate that they were doing it from Govt. computers, or at the very least, through the Govt. wi-fi or server on their cellular devices. Either way, it should have been easy for him to determine that other(s) were involved before he made a public pronouncement to the contrary. It also brings up the old AMV faux-issue: misconduct based on blogging on Govt. time. Now someone please tell me how Jan Mann still has a job. And what did her betrothed know, and when did he know it?

        1. I finally had a chance to look at Engelhardt’s 50 page order. Perricone suggested the Times Picayune made up some of his CampStBlue comments.

        2. Sock most times I agree with you one hundred percent this time with numerous exceptions. First I want to say i am no fan of Mrs. Mann I was a SOX whistleblower along with several others in the Mortgage biz circa of that time seeing what was taking place and attempting to do something about it. Similar to what happened to AMV the DOJ’s actions were irreprehensible which seems to be the case 99.9% of the time to whistleblowers. What was reinforced to me is that right or wrong good or bad justice is a commodity bought and sold in America just like politicians are . If anyone thinks things are coming out or being done just by happenstance then they have rocks in their head . We have a ring side seat to a wealthy politically connected person that had a father on the Federal bench paying for and collecting favors to keep his freedom while he continues to think of new ways to pillage the publics money through his politico friends on the payroll.

          Having said all of that the real truth here is what makes anyone think that if Letten is replaced it would be an improvement ? Isn’t this how we got him in the first place and almost Heebe?

          Furthermore I do not feel sorry for the likes of Titus who is not just a poor man that could not withstand the onslaught of the DOJ, no he is a cunning manipulating pathological liar low life who used a disabled vets name among other things to steal the jobs from those who are while theses kids are being maimed and killed to give him the freedom to do so .

          1. Tom:

            I’m not trying to be facetious, but what exactly in my last comment did you disagree with? I’m assuming it is my characterization of Letten’s role in the current debacle. Joe Paterno did a lot of good for a lot of young men, but you and I both know that he will be remembered for what he did, or did not do, in the end. You seem to think Letten is some kind of deity, and nothing that comes out will change your mind. That’s your prerogative, but it’s pretty myopic. People are imperfect. I agree that Letten did some good things, but his office is imploding and the buck stops with him, plain and simple.

          2. The fact Perricone and Mann termed the people that supported cleaning up the filth as “Fender Lizards” betrays the very arrogance that led them to lie to Engelhardt. There are some strong remarks about Sal Perricone posted on those NOLA stories today and after reading the entire 50 page court order I gotta say I agree with the part about him not having a sack.

            Engelhardt makes clear he wants Mann and Perricone investigated for committing perjury. He’s made one heck of a case for that IMHO.

        3. Re: Reply: very unusual move by any judge to put attorneys under oath and question them. I believe it shows the level of judicial outrage at these “antics” -which is not a strong enough word-on the part of AUSAs. By placing them under oath, everyone was placed on that they would be subject to, at the VERY least, a charge of perjury. And still, liars who used lying witnesses to convict others lied. Mann, Perricone et al have irrevocably stained the Office of the United States Attorney. The prosecutors who should act with the highest level of ethics and professionalism are no better, actually much worse than those whom they prosecute.

      2. Sop, in my opinion this is one of the more intelligent comments I’ve seen on the thread:


        Deplorable mismanagement, obviously. Perricone attacks Magner online, Magner correctly identifies the malefactor to supervisors, and they refuse to escalate even the allegation for fear of retaliation, which is why Magner didn’t bring the problem to Letten in the first place.

        That’s a classic toxic workplace, and it was produced by what I can only conclude was Letten’s favoritism, since that’s usually what leads to that kind of problem. It really no longer matters why Letten would not only tolerate but shield such people, because his judgement in so doing was abysmal.

        As far as what Engelhardt’s been up to with his probe, THAT is fascinating material. I can see why Engelhardt is furious, because he relied entirely on Letten, Mann and Perricone, all of whom lied extensively. The order catalogues months’ worth of deception from those three, and I’d say they made Engelhardt feel very foolish indeed. And he’s just the type to resent that most bitterly.

        Incredible, really– they were too stupid, or STILL too emboldened, to realize the jig was up after Perricone was sued. Fatal, and inexplicably foolish, miscalculation. [11/27/2012 1:59 PM]

        21 Minutes Ago

        1. As a commenter, muspench is in a class by him/herself. Always well thought-out and extremely articulate in the written form. I always look for muspench’s comments first.

          Although it is somewhat improved, one of the most irritating things about the format is that it lists the comment starting with the most recent. It’s a pain to have to select the “oldest first” presentation every time you want to go back and read the comments in chronological order.

  5. Rumor around the JP courthouse has it that Judge Engelhardt,in chambers, put Mann under oath and she denied posting any comments. This colloquy was allegedly transcribed. Rumor is Judge Englehardt is livid and requested that charges of perjury be investigated against Mann.

  6. Lockemup very well said , the timing of all of this is too good like the La. Attorney Disciplinary Board this judge reeks of prejudice and his action mean Magner makes the witness list when he was content not to speak . And what makes Magner more believable since even after leaving he didn’t report his suspicions even too Washington what gives there he certainly violated ethics by not doing so ?

  7. Sock I do not think Letten is a god you saying that is facetious . what I am saying is watch what you wish for you just might get it and more than likely not what you bargained for. First can you answer 2 simple questions (1) Magner had more than an ethical duty to report Perricone so why didn’t he particularly after he left the DOJ he could have contacted Washington and retaliation didn’t come to my mind or AMV’s when it came to doing the right thing what was he worried about if he really was a stand up guy? (2) Why is this same judge or others not using the same offer and resources to have the state AG investigated for his failure to uphold the Civil Rights of the victims why does he get a free pass?

    1. Tom, I would answer your questions, but I honestly do not completely understand them, It seems like Magner had strong suspicions, but I don’t see how he had any ability to confirm it. His duty would have been to report his suspicions to supervisors and he apparently did that. I don’t know Magner, so I cannot answer whether he is a stand-up guy. As for your second question, I don’t think a Federal judge has jurisdiction to question the AG, unless he is appearing in court before that Fed judge.

    2. Tom it looks to me that your ‘chirping’ to DEFEND THE INDEFENSIBLE has clouded your judgement. Letten is over, let it go, if only to salvage your credibility.

  8. If Eaglehard wants to pursue an attorney for perjury let him first prosecute the infamous self-admitted ARROGANT ONE who confessed before the Senate committee and whole country no less, Claude Lightfoot .Who stated he intentionally perjured himself by signing a fraudulent Federal Bankruptcy petition supposedly over a sense of great compassion for Judge”Odor”eous and his beloved with his BS, sworn personal compassion comment being his second perjured statement.

    Because of his federal connections Lightfoot, who also stated to the Senate committee he was too young to lose his license, got a suspended censure by the Disciplinary Board/The Supremes. Only to further encourage him to go out and have repeat compassionate spells maybe for some other federal politicos in the Bankruptcy Court before which he practices ( pun intended).

    How about the spotless, all-american Eaglehard ( eyes of a legal eagle and hard-on for certain prosecutors) being put under oath just to check for possible sympathetic compassionate connections to other pro-Heebe Federal Judges( like Senior Judge Heebe who sits on his ass collecting a check for doing nothing) and Magistrates ( like indicted Wilkinson’s brother who collects his federal check now for only adjudicating a civil docket) in the Eastern District?

    Does the DOJ need to clean up its act? – Hell yes, but I’m tired of all this BS grandstanding by the JP Mafia, their sanctimonious whoring attorneys and sympathizing Federal judges over PR and media leaks . I know of no high profile criminal prosecutions which had no media leaks or adversarial attorneys discussing the cases on the street.

  9. I am back on the timeline …


    “Letten: ‘I can’t worry about my future’
    U.S. Attorney urges patience as office probe plays out”

    “Letten answered questions as he arrived to speak as part of Loyola University’s Institute of Politics, a leadership training course for professionals that features well-known speakers from the community”

    “I don’t think I have ever speculated about my future publicly,” he said. “I just don’t do that. I can’t worry about my future. I have to worry about the futures of the people in this region, and as long as I have the job, I’ll focus on that.”(BOUNDLESS HUBRIS))

  10. Could there also be a little lingering lingerie animosity between Eaglehard and certain prosecutors who put the pressure on Vitter’s Canal St. brothel which had been alleged to have received payment from Eaglehard when he was campaign manager for Vitter before Vitter recommended him for a judgeship in the Eastern District of La..

    AS featured here at the Slabbed Nation by Doug:

    And just what ever happened to that Black Book which fellow federal Judge Lemelle falsely stated in his Order denying a Mr.Henry access to and also stated the Black Book had already been released to the public through public records.

    Judge Eaglehard, is stating a false fact in a federal case in a federal Order by a fellow judge perjury?

    1. Now you’ve done gone and dropped a nuke Lockem.

      I chatted with both ‘Gate and the Wino last night. There is a post in those discussions and it always seems to come back to Gidget.

    2. i still wonder who is the main person or persons being protected. everyone knows nungesser went there. everyone knows vitter went there. in vitter’s case it would take a scandal of biblical proportions for him to not be re-elected again. he knows how to pander with the best of them.

    3. Lockemup,
      Be carful you will be accused of thinking Letten is a deity or that you have no credibility by those who seem to be easily lead or who have something to gain in seeing Letten leave at this time . I like you would like to see the office cleaned up, sure they blogged and shouldn’t have, but IMHO Magner has admitted he did not like Perricone and more that likely Letten which makes him suspect of getting the information to Heebe who’s father was on the bench which is better explanation of Engelhardt actions during this critical time . Furthermore can any one explain how or why Engelhardt would know to subpoena Magner to this bazar proceeding timed perfectly before Fazzio

      1. Tom … I am neither easily lead or have anything to gain by Letten removal. At this time, this particular US Attorney’s Office would gain the public’s confidence being lead by person with integrity!

        Your myopic opinions on the subject of legal ethics are simply not credible. DEFENDING THE INDEFENSIBLE is not credible. And your attack upon the integrity of Mr. Magner is not credible.

  11. The cloud over Maurice Landrieu is not grey but dark. The DOJ needs to reassign him out of Louisiana or he should resign because his job there taints the integrity of Lettens office.


    In November 2002, government and defense lawyers met in Judge Lemelle’s chambers and squared off over the secret customer list. Defense lawyers, convinced the government was treating their female clients unfairly, threatened to go public with the men’s names. According to one of the lawyers in the judge’s chambers, the one name that kept popping up during the tense meeting was that of the son of the former head of the Louisiana Republican Party.

    The pressure in the room was explosive. Suddenly, Assistant U.S. Attorney Gaynell Williams, one of the lead prosecutors, lurched to her feet. “I don’t feel very good,” she said. “I think I need some air.” She staggered toward the door and just barely made it into the hallway when she toppled over. As she fell, her face hit the wall. Her eyebrow spilt open and blood poured down her cheek. Lawyers rushed to her side. Someone fanned her. Someone else tried to stop the bleeding. Moments later, an ambulance arrived and medics carted off the government attorney.

    1. Let’s set the record straight:

      1) There are any number of people who have a “copy” of both the book (names and phone numbers of clients) and the tapes (of clients who would oder in advance for their preferences) …

      2) DUH … let’s think who those people might be … various US atty’s (think Perricone, Mann and Harper) … plenty of FBI agents (think of the thousands of hours of survellaince) … any number of defense atty’s (think Mosca, Foret and now Judge Smith) … and any number of court personnel ( court reporters, baliffs, etc)

      So I ask myself … WHAT’S THE BIG FUCKING SECRET ???

      1. The secrets are revealed…on the “LIST”…one of the fed’s favorite nonsensical terms…
        is…GAYNELL’S HUBBY……scatological savage nungesser…vitter…and everyone we can fathom….
        The question is …
        JIM LETTEN

  13. I have seen a Judge put an officer of the court under oath before.
    He was trying to the the person locked up and fired from their

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