Jefferson Parish Councilman at large Chris Roberts sued for defaulting on SBA backed loan

Folks, a cynical man would say the reason that Councilman Chris Robert’s Quiznos sub shop defaulted on its loan is because the River Birch folks weren’t buying enough food from him but whatever the case what we do know is Hancock Bank aka Whitney Bank filed suit against Roberts in August for defaulting on his SBA loan that got him started in that line of business. Before I get to that though a reader set me another suit Roberts is involved in that has an alternate explanation for the poor performance of the sandwich shop in Badeaux v Roberts et al.

So Councilman Roberts likes to hang at the casino late into the evening but it gets better.

God bless Mr Badeaux it seems like the only thing missing from this scene is Billy Nungesser but at least now we know where a citizen can find Chris Roberts to petition him on Affaires d’États. The entire Badeaux lawsuit is well worth the read but now that we know Councilman Roberts stayed out too late during the oil spill here is that nasty loan default suit:

12 thoughts on “Jefferson Parish Councilman at large Chris Roberts sued for defaulting on SBA backed loan”

  1. As someone with more info about this situation than just Mr. Badeaux’s handwritten lawsuit, I have very little doubt that this happened in much the way he said it did. Alas, this lawsuit will be tossed out of court.

  2. This lawsuit, I am sure, hits close to the truth. Sometimes, the rantings of a “mad” man are not so far off the mark. This is a great post!

    1. Oh my it appears Roberts is having all manner of money troubles. A reader sent in a lawsuit where Baskin Robbins is suing Councilman Mini-Me as well. I’ll update the post in a bit.

      1. So let’s see here. We’ve got this big time faux conservative Republican politician defaulting on a big time Federally subsidized SBA loan. No wonder the JPPAC is a fiscal fiasco.

      2. Just wondering if the “King of Pay to Play” has considered using some of his huge campaign deposits to bait his parading ass out of his financial hole. The other question is does the King have a gambling problem .

        1. I have friends who frequent the casinos, mini me is well know even in Mississippi so his having a problem is a good possibilility . Too bad he’s not saving up for his defense cause the Jenkin’s circle jerk aint cheep and neither are the plea deals with manditory restitution .

  3. I like the parts where Mr.Badeaux tells us Roberts wins the jackpot, both on the slot machine and the BP spill. Looks like a coincidence to me, I guess.

  4. Before he gave his name to an mental disorder, Narcissus starred in his own myth. Enthralled by the image he saw in a pond he tried to get too close to it and drowned. His was not a happy ending.

  5. KARMA … it’s just a matter of time … tomorrow, next week, next month, next year … or years after … it will bite your ass every time …

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