10 thoughts on “Friday Music: Back in the olden days…….”

      1. And by the way, this is one of the greatest (probably within the top 5 singles ever produced) songs I in R &R history … a recording that took courage and talent … BRAVO Mr. Clapton !!!

  1. Gate:Great song I agree, but if you survived your time of use that’s great, good for you and Thanks and Praise to your Creator. But many users who also survived from possible potential heart arrhythmia and stoke during their earlier use have experienced cardiovascular manifestations later in life in their fifties from blown heart valves and ruptured aneuryms. I’ve lost three apparently healthy close friends from such latent cardiovascular manifestations recently.

    Hypertension from cocaine or any other drug that dramatically increases blood pressure and heart rate even for short periods of time may not kill you immediately. Just like putting a little nitro in a regular car to win a drag race/s may not blow the engine the first or even subsequent times. But let that same car get a little older and it will certainly have a higher probability of fogging up the streets.

    1. Back in the day on Friday afternoons when we’d get out of school, you always knew when Joe Haas’ son fired up his vehicle because Clapton’s cocaine would be in the 8 track ready to go full blast.

      Without doubt Clapton is one of the all time greats.

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