The best way to learn a subject is from the inside.

And thus today I was on assignment.  The discriminating reader that pinpoints my where abouts today gets to pick tomorrow’s music

On tap is the long promised post on that OIG preliminary report on the land transaction shenanigans at DMR.

Also this General Petraeus hub bub – you know, his special guest appearance on Real Housewives from the Jersey Shore.  I think we gotta tackle that one for shits and giggles.

Meantime Judge Ginger did not take long to deny the latest Team Fazzio attempt to have his indictment tossed.

Meantime Lockie gets a well deserved comment bump with the following that lifers will no doubt appreciate.

5 thoughts on “The best way to learn a subject is from the inside.”

  1. Well lets see its pretty cold so you couldn’t be at the beach helping Al Scrumuzza photograph the natural wildlife and/or catching fiddler crabs to boil.

    The Sun and Sand Music festival was last weekend.

    Hmmmm, since some BS brief spores have fallen from the invasive Canadian Thistle

    and its about time for goat season to open in the Southern District of Mississippi I’ll guess and say you are out bow hunting goats with your hunting pal Truitt.

    Here’s a Mocetta ( Goat ham} recipe for you just in case you happen to get lucky:

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