I think people are beginning to get hip to the new way of doing things

This new group from Washington DC are evidently the type of federal prosecutors that are not to be f*cked with.

Mark Titus’ business partner is a ‘subject’ of federal probe, prosecutors say ~ Manuel Torres

Somewhere in the back of my mind I recall Ed Garner being a Jackson County guy. I remember seeing the federal subpoenas related to Mr Garner’s new pool and recall seeing the names of three Mississippi businesses listed in those subpoenas. Those documents are buried deep in Slabbed’s document archives. I’ll see if I can dig them out later.

Speaking of DC, this tweet from WDSU’s Blake Hanson is well worth circling:

Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “I think people are beginning to get hip to the new way of doing things”

    1. BP. He is here to announce the criminal plea by BP and that manslaughter charges will result against one or two of the employees. What a country! The corporation pays some multi-billion dollar fine that Louisiana will probably not see one penny of, and a couple of their workers risk losing their liberty. Hey, Holder, some of that money should come back to Louisiana for coastal restoration and not the type of scam projects that Punjab and Nunny came up with.

      1. You might be able to see past your politics if a loved one of yours was killed because of someone’s criminal negligence. Maybe then, you would believe they deserve to “lose their liberty.”

        1. Politics has nothing to do with this and you misconstrue my comments. I think that all those responsible should face criminal charges, including the corporate people who have culpability. I am, as you probably feel, pissed off that BP gets to buy its way out of this for money.

  1. And those who think Letten , Perricone and Mann are ruthless I got a feeling you aint seen nothing yet . Snake is not the proper analogy more like kicking a junk yard dog one too many times. Let’s just hope the enthusiasms continue to the origin of the politico corruption more than it has for the BP exec’s .

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