Wednesday Afternoon Musical News Update

Mark Titus says government gave assurances for cooperation in River Birch case ~ Manuel Torres NOLA Media Group

River Birch exec, brother-in-law ask to have federal indictments dismissed ~ WWL TeeVee

But when cross-examined by federal prosecutors, Titus admitted no one ever made specific promise.

River Birch exec plays secretly recorded tape in gambit to toss charges

“And now with Broussard and company doing what they’re doing they don’t need Fazzio anymore,” Titus said, according to the transcript. “Cause Broussard’s gonna … he’s gonna be the man on the inside. He gonna be f–king doing whatever the f–k he can to save his own soul.”

BrousStar must be hogging the limelight eh?  And what of Ed Garner??

Garner, who was supposed to testify in the hearing Wednesday, did not show up. His attorney, Eric Hessler, said Garner was in Brazil on a business trip. But Hessler revealed that, had he been present, Garner would have invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and that he plans to do so in any future proceedings in this case…..

“When you have poisonous snakes to your right and poisonous snakes to your left, it’s better to move slowly,” Hessler said.

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  1. I think a good part of that answer is it’s systemic because politics in Washington dictate political will and funding. Lets also face it those with the AUSA are not paid the same as private practice so they bleed the best all over the country this is not a problem just here in New Orleans.

    1. The dollar amount of one’s salary as an AUSA or as a private attorney is not determinitive of whether a person sworn to the bar conducts his or herself morally, ethically and professionally; it is their solemn obligation. Your continued rationizations to excuse the unethical conduct of Letten Perricone and Mann is analogous to DEFENDING THE INDEFENSIBLE !

  2. Well Whitmergate,
    The same can be said about defending the indefensible in Letten’s office well before he stepped foot in LA. This predates the 14 or so failed Edwards indictments or Eddie Jordan’s tenure, it even predates the John Volz fiasco of selling out Garrison in the Kennedy assassination investigation and his doing little to curb the Mafioso connection here to Cuba. It even pre-dates the Huey Long days of “Win or Lose”. Seems to me in modern history Washington paid little funding attention to our cesspool of politico corruption till around 2002 where we seriously lagged behind the nations average of corruption cases to now Eastern District is 11th over all even in consideration of the larger population per capita in leading city’s like New York . So yes in IMHO it is a funding and political issue as seen in the Canal St. and Washington madam’s case both had black book cover up’s where Washington politicians can’t live to the same ethical standards you expect from Letten’s posse . Case in point of poor ethical conduct is our very former politico Jefferson filing appeal after appeal from Fed Hotel 6 or while Washington continues to use the AUSA as a political weapon as Bush did then and how it’s being used today with Holder’s ATF scandal. You want to clean house I’m all for that but lets start with Vitter first then Full Moon eh ?

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