3 thoughts on “Monday Music: Slabbed goes old school with Ronnie and the Daytonas”

  1. The defense’s argument that the car company and sales person would not have allowed a person thought to have had some drinks to drive a new car out is not “old school”.

    About as equally ridiculous as the thought that a responsible driver would not have accelerated to 104 MPH as it would not be properly breaking it in.

    “Turn it on,wind it up, blow it out, LITTLE GTO”.

    1. From what I remember from the study guide I used to prep for the test to get a Motorcycle endorsement on my driver’s license it takes at least an hour to clear a single beer or shot of whiskey on average. Gates, at 145 lbs could have drank one or more drinks over the course of that afternoon and showed up at the car dealership with an elevated but not visibly impaired BAC. All it would take is one Cajun Sting from the daiquiri shop in those 20 minutes to do the rest.

      That said I have a hard time seeing the prosecution prevailing without the BAC test results on the DWI charge.

      The resisting charge could well boil down to the word of two law enforcement officers against Gates. This is St Slammany Parish after all.

      Like Jr. I’m not a big fan of L. Ron Reed nor the high Sheriff but this case is not a criminal defense slam dunk.

  2. With the BAC result lost then I agree no conviction.But how about the prosecution or defense subpoenaing the person who allegedly drew the blood to testify that blood was actually drawn. If said medical person is unknown or can’t be produced then that would strongly suggest bad faith on part of Deputies, Sheriff and/or D.A. Reed. .

    I smell the country aroma of homemade Misdemeanor Minestrone soup simmering for resisting arrest unless Calogero can special order some political Friendly French Fries sprinkled with Partisan Cheese.

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