Jimbo the Clown strikes again, gives the CEO of the insolvent Louisiana Citizens Insurance a $50,000 pay raise

Louisiana Insurance Commish Jim “Jimbo the Clown” Donelon

This, after raising commercial rates in New Orleans 45%. Jeff Adelson has the sad tale of the latest state sponsored insurance jackassery for NOLA.

This is almost enough to make me feel grateful to have Mike Chaney here in Mississippi.  What a sad state of insurance we reside down here in Soggy Bottom.

4 thoughts on “Jimbo the Clown strikes again, gives the CEO of the insolvent Louisiana Citizens Insurance a $50,000 pay raise”

  1. Throw the bum (or clown in this case) out. At least someone like State Treasurer John Kennedy has the balls to call it like it is: “They took a Great Dane-sized whiz down the leg of every taxpayer and policy holder in this state,” Kennedy said after the meeting.

    I say we recall Donelon. He was the moron who fought the class action against Citizen’s, which failed to initiate loss adjustment of hurricane claims timely, all the way to the U. S. Supreme Court although there was not one cotton-picking issue that the Supreme Court would have granted an appeal on. Just more taxpayer money down the hole, while interest ran on the multi-million dollar judgment. No telling how much this idiot, who also happens to be a lawyer (what a joke), spent on legal fees and costs too on a completely frivolous appeal. I am so fucking angry I am spitting nails.

  2. Soo overturning the named storm deductble is out but the guy responsible for the higher rates caused by the class action suit get’s a raise , oh well it’s Louisiana in that somewheres it makes sence ?

  3. If anybody is responsible for us having ‘JIMBO THE CLOWN’ DONELON as an Insurance Commissioner, it is the VOTERS OF LOUISIANA. The citizens and insurance consumers of Louisiana have NOONE else to blame but themselves. THEY PUT JIMBO THE CLOWN back in office on a 2 to 1 basis…in the last Insurance Commissioner election.

    The SHEEPLE OF LOUISIANA have NOONE to blame but themselves…so, they did what they did,,,,, now they can live with the graft and ineptitude of JIMBO and enjoy their super high premiums for insuring their homes, cars, and businesses..


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