James Varney at NOLA takes Jefferson Parish Councilmen Roberts and Lagasse to the woodshed. A Jefferson Parish (non)Performing Arts Center disaster update.

My point exactly James. It is a must read folks. :-)

For those of you that think a structure specifically designed as a theater has any real commercial value with the design flaws this place comes with better think again as there is a very limited market for such specialized structures, especially building with below grade infrastructure that will perpetually require expensive flood insurance coverage. And completing this project is only throwing more good money down the toilet considering Caldarera wants another $8.4 million to simply crank the project back up.

The prudent choice, as James points out, is to buy some dynamite.

9 thoughts on “James Varney at NOLA takes Jefferson Parish Councilmen Roberts and Lagasse to the woodshed. A Jefferson Parish (non)Performing Arts Center disaster update.”

  1. Holy Caldarera Elephant Sh*t, this Varney dude batting cleanup called his own shot and just hit it out of Zephyr Field and thru a couple of the Grey Elephant’s windows, buildings that the Bandit Babe built, and the fu*king ball landed on the 10th floor of the Yenni Building.

    And I think Varney should go autograph that ball for Chrissy and LargASSe and give a raincheck to Young for Varney’s next game.

    Now Newhouse, that’s what I call no-spin, straight fast bal reporting. Give Varney a bonus on his contract as this guy is destined to become a JP All-Star and may just cause me to renew my subscription.

  2. varney is a pro and a versatile one at that (the best lsu football deadline writer i can recall.). glad to see him hitting the corruption beat as his recent gig playing a far right wing heel was completely phony.

  3. I know Letten has a few problems of his own, including naming Fred Harper to replace Jan Mann, but come on, man! When are you going to indict Chris Roberts for misuse of campaign funds? Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t that part of the Aaron Broussard indictment? I would love for someone (no, not you Jan; although I would love to hear from Perricone) why there is a difference between these two sorry ass excuses for public servants.

    1. Aaron Broussard’s ski buddy Fred Harper?? Boys and girls are we figuring out yet why NOLA black politicians were prime targets for so long during Letten’s run as USA while Tim Coulon, Aaron Broussard and company were openly committing payroll fraud and stealing the taxpayers in Jefferson Parish blind every chance they got?

      Speaking of incestious traveling I wonder if Harper is the AUSA that reportedly visited Broussard’s bribery conduit at the Trout Point Resort multiple times?

      I fear the Prez needs to take a broom and sweep the whole place clean.

  4. CR + EL + CUV + NCI by D + CalPC + 46 MP = RICO

    CR = Chris Roberts
    EL = Elton Lagasse
    CUV = Council Unanimous Votes
    NCI by D = No Code Inspections by Deano
    CalPC = Caldarera,Perrin&Carter
    46 MP = 46 Million Peanuts


    RICO = Real Ingenious Conspiracy Operation

    1. Support your local beat reporter and the opinion pieces will follow.

      What made Telemachus dangerous to the Goatherders was the quality of the information he provided. A community of bloggers posting great information is unstoppable. I get the feeling the Newhouse folks want the magic we make to continue as it is mutually beneficial.

      We’re hittin’ the walls brother and not even Eweman can spoil that. 😉 Be proud because you contributed to that.

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