Miss Piggy is concerned about Jim Letten’s office: A “playing on the internet” update.

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu

She is very concerned about the latest scandal to hit Jim Letten’s office according to John Simerman at NOLA Media Group, who posted a comprehensive update about the budding Fred Heebe SLAPP suit against Jan Mann saga.  The whole story is well worth the read but this snippet leads me to believe there is gonna be a fight:

Mann this week circulated a memo via email to all office employees in which she neither admitted nor denied the allegations, but apologized for the distraction the situation was causing. In it, she also underscored her intention to fight Heebe’s claims and stay in her post, according to people familiar with the memo.

At this point I’ll admit I wondered how much campaign cash Fred Heebe has stuffed into the pockets of both Landrieu and Diaper David Vitter because you know it is a bunch, so if I may be so bold as to suggest that Mann’s family pool their money and hold fundraisers for Landrieu and Vitter like BP did after the oil spill both may be more pliable in dealing with this matter.

Meantime that Times Picayune story from last month about Letten’s job being safe no matter who won the election?

4 thoughts on “Miss Piggy is concerned about Jim Letten’s office: A “playing on the internet” update.”

  1. Certainly Letten and Holder had to know this would come out all along and they had planed for it especially since Team Heebe originally thought it to be her husband . For those who think I am taking up for Letten not so , now is not the time to look for a replacement when those same politicos who took Fazio and Heebe

  2. And I quote AUSA Jan Mann:

    The parish president and parish attorney and the mega Rich contractors are far worse than Whitmer. If the Feds wanted to give him a good deal to get inside scoop on the higher ups lets trust them to get it right. They are all we got standing between justice and total corrupt chaos in JP.”

    This comment alone gives evidence of how warped in purpose Letten and his inner circle of AUSA, Perricone and Mann(s) administered their self-serving selective prosecutions. Their conduct can best be described as bullying Fascists, whose unethical rationalizations and morally bankrupt deals with principal criminal public officials (both elected and appointed) have made a mockery of, if not a travesty, of the idea of Justice.

    And Whitmer saw them coming. He had crawled up so many of these authority figures asses his whole career to further manipulate them for his criminal gains, he made fools of those in Letten’s office by getting a deal equal to that of Bobby Guidry one might suggest.

    Fred Heebe is not a public official. He is a ruthless businessman. His greed was the sole motivation to corrupt those public officials whom, along with himself and Ward, became principals in the criminal conspiracy to award River Birch an illegal landfill monopoly. No doubt all are as equally guilty, and should be prosecuted.

    It is these very same public officials, who swore an oath to the people that elected them, along with the people they appointed, that are the ‘Big Fish’. This obsession to ‘get Heebe’ by any means on the part of Letten, Perricone and Mann(s) has imploded an already corrupt practices office and has put the legitimate prosecution of Heebe, Ward and River Birch in jeopardy; a sort of sabotage by secrecy.

    Something has been very wrong in the US Attorney’s office here in the EDLA for a long time, and this fiasco gives pause to speculate as to why

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