How about some housekeeping.

Someone is going to great lengths to get me on the phone and they are obviously experiencing some frustration.  The best way to never hear from me is to:

1. Call my accounting practice about Slabbed New Media business.
2. Leave a voice mail on any of my phone lines without identifying yourself.
3. Refuse to send email to the address listed on Slabbed’s contact page.

Do these 3 things and I guarantee you’ll never visit with me.  Thanks.

3 thoughts on “How about some housekeeping.”

    1. Yep and if I didn’t get them I’d leave ’em a voice mail saying Sop was calling. I think there is a good chance Captian is a tweep.

      Those were the days Russell.

      Manuel Torres knows how to get me Incroyable. I think it is someone trying to telemarket me SEO service.

  1. Answer the damn phone, it could be Manuel Torres reporting back on what Fred Heebe had to say about funding the law firm suing your dumb ass.

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