One thought on “Tuesday Music: Special secret dedication”

  1. Speaking about “on and on” how about Chrissy stating he wants to” float” ( he’s got many imaginative campaign floats) a resolution telling the State JP should not get any more money for the completion of da’ big Grey Elephant known as the Non-Performing Arts Center.

    It seems funny that Chrissy doesn’t want to ride the giant political pachyderm anymore. But Chrissy you got so many huge pachyderm campaign turds from the likes of Calderera, Perrin and Carter and others why would you not want it to go “on and on” into perpetuity.

    Well Chrissy I think your idea has merit but please include that the Council of Clowns order it be auctioned to the highest bidder.

    And when its sold for 25 cents on the dollar your friend Camelot will look real bad from previously asking that it be finished thereby floating your goody too shoes- ship – lollypop and that of your chief sign erector,Deano, with all to set sail for DA’ PRESIDENCY.

    All Hail to” Da’ King of Pay to Play” who saved JP from da’ big wild elephant.

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