Sunday Scratch: Vox populi fears its the succubi.

So reports a reader via Slabb O’Gram:

John Young. Spotted at New Orleans Athletic Club right now,10:00 am Sunday, with many scratches to his face.

Which immediately brings to mind…..

Apparently severe scratches to left side of face consistent with nail scratches.

As is often the case, I turned this tip over to Patricia for handling.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Scratch: Vox populi fears its the succubi.”

      1. My source on this has given me nothing but factual tips in the past. I have not seen John’s face myself.

        As for the source of the scratches we can only speculate at this point.

  1. Patricia failed to do a comprehensive CSI investigation of the wounds’ length, depth and angular penetration.

    What really happened was Camelot was riding his white stallion pass a Gretna Baskin- Robbins, stopped and ordered a super duper Rocky Road on a stick and got into a dispute with the owner, Chrissy “King of Pay to Play” . Both voiced different Charter change proposals in order to count and collect the biggest and smelliest campaign deposits at 5 A.M..

    Chrissy suddenly attacked with his sharp campaign deposit probe and Coach LargASSe was summoned from his infamous Grey Elephant playground on Airline to break them up.

    A Code 69 had originally been called in on Chrissy’s Bananaphone but Deano backed down when LargASSe showed up in a full blown, uncontrollable facial tic fit shouting in his Neo- Parliamentarian style ” your minutes are up, hearing no opposition then its a done deal “.

  2. Nothing like the feel of a huge, firm and warm campaign deposit in the morning at 5 to wake up to knowing you earned every bit of it being such a self-sacrificial, concerned public servant.

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