Gotta give both Fred Heebe and the Wino their due….

I’m certain the Wino would tell you I give her too much credit but folks Slabbed’s deep throat source on all things Jefferson Parish has hung some skins on the wall and then some.  I mention this because back in March when Fred Heebe filed a defamation suit against Assistant US Attorney Sal Perricone the Wino told me then Heebe never would have rolled with Perricone when he did unless he had something else better to use down the line.  The Wino knows all from the depths of the gutters at Lafayette Square.

I mention this for obvious reasons, unless you’ve been under a rock since late yesterday morning that is, as bad news Friday struck with Heebe filing another defamation suit against Jim Letten’s right hand lady Jan Mann.  Like the Perricone suit Heebe’s latest legal strike is bullshit from a legal standpoint but that is also besides the point as this news lead off every TeeVee newscast last night and has dominated the web site of the NOLA Media Group, first with Editor/reporter Gordon Russell followed by Rich Rainey’s in-depth piece which ran last night.

The bottom line is the evidence that “eweman”=Jan Mann looks strong albeit circumstantial.  Clearly Sal Perricone had a playmate on the internet at his office as I offer the Wino’s analysis in a rare direct quotation with one minor redaction:

OK several things jump out at me… one eweman not only defends Sal…this person has knowledge from either the inside of the investigation or was in parish government in the 90’s…. those that know Mr XXX was XXXXXXXX would be a small crowd.

Next Mencken and eweman’s links have been broken by TP everyone else you can click on and it brings up all their comments…

Below is what I found looking at the River Birch articles…TP or someone want to make it hard to look at their post

Like the Board at Penn State, whoever runs WWL needs to fire Garlando. His disgrace was selling his opinions to the highest bidder. How can any listener trust his statements on air after that? How do his bosses justify him not disclosing this before he got caught? If hypocrisy is one of the most damning traits, Mr Robinemblind is the poster boy. He is a two bit journalist/artist/ con man who needs to go ASAP. If Penn State didn’t feel it was necessary to show JoePa loyalty after 46 years, WWL doesn’t owe it to Vincent Van Robinette.

They have been accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of our dollars and are charged with felonies galore. It sounds like a couple of you out there think that won’t land em in the pen. Haven’t you been paying attention? You take the king down for anything you got him on. Al Capone went to jail for taxes, remember?

Hotsaws – It would be nice if the DA could do some public corruption cases but he’d have to charge his own father in this case who was also a ghost employee – could be a little tough.

Luckily Mr. High Profile attorney won’t be able to put the fix in in federal court for Fazzio like he did for Cinel in Orleans Parish. Lemann actually referred to himself as a Dragon Slayer in his book – you got to be kidding. This guy looks like Boss Hog and hasn’t looked at a law book since he left school. He’s better than those last 3 jokers but couldn’t you have come up with somebody better on the 2nd try Fazz?

Brlawyer – you’re a racketeering-convicted EWE admirer, a Judge Porteous impeached defender, a prosecutor basher and god knows what else. Under your type of viewpoint politicians are above the law and your way of thinking is exactly why La is 50th in everything. You don’t have to know Volz to know that under his leadership politicians and other previously untouchable criminals began to learn that their actions would not be tolerated. You complain about folks who had negative things to say about EWE as hitting below the belt but yet you deride a dead man. Hypocritical eh?

Mr. Mencken — Anyone who has had professional experiences with some (most, but not all) of the folks in the office of the EDLA U.S. Attorney would initially be surprised by your comments — until you thoughtfully provided the reference point that you admire John Volz. You’re right in one respect — it appears that the standards Mr. Volz set are still alive and well. Unfortunately, those standards aren’t consistent with fair play and professional conduct. As a few small, but important examples — the intentionally inappropriate rebuttal arguments of a particular prematurely grey-haired prosecutor from that office; the fun game of hide the-ball discovery; the artful drafting of Title III applications to remove important but contrary information — yes, you may wall have been around town for many years, but you’ve not had to represent many criminal defendants with those folks as your opponent. If you had, your opinion would be based upon something other than inexplicable admiration for Mr. Volz, such as actual litigation experiences.

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9 Months Ago· ReplyHenry L. Mencken1951
Oh how wrong you are, Louis.

Prosecutorial misconduct is the practice at the US Attorney’s office. Rules don’t apply to them.

Witness coaching is routine practice. They will pressure the defendant with additional charges until he tells a story they like. The greenest FBI agent knows it is improper to contact a represented defendant. As the judge stated, it doesn’t pass the smell test.

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Henry L. Mencken1951
As I sip my morning coffee, I wonder how many idiots I will encounter today. So far, the count is ONE-you. You slash at the US Attorney’s office and offer no examples of what you speak–or allege. I went to law school with John Volz and admired him and still do. I believe the standards he set in that office are still there. I’ve been around this town for many years and know of what I speak. I would be shocked, dismayed and disappointed if anyone associated with that office did what you vapidly allege. Cite examples, or go read the Society page!!!

The parish president and parish attorney and the mega Rich contractors are far worse than Whitmer. If the Feds wanted to give him a good deal to get inside scoop on the higher ups lets trust them to get it right. They are all we got standing between justice and total corrupt chaos in JP.

$250.000 loan to build a 400 square foot art studio …are the floors paved with gold? What a crock. I don’t know much about construction costs but that must be some helluva 20 X 20 room. B.S. on its’ face. Couldn’t Garlando have come up with a better story than that? If he has a lot of money in the bank then this story won’t hold water in court. Has anyone been to this palatial studio ? Does anyone know if Garland is tap city or flush?


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  1. I am confused. Where does the First Amendment pick up and leave off. Doug, you profess and protect your rights to comment and God knows that’s not your real name. So, doesn’t a prosecutor have the same rights as all of us, including you Doug, to comment anonymously? If we start attacking other’s rights, who’s next? I see no harm in what the prosecutors have done. Stupid? Perhaps. Unconstitutional? NO. Illegal? NO. I am waiting for someone,other than me, to stand up of the Freedom of Speech and not allocate to certain groups of Americans while denying it to others.

    1. We already had this discussion once Jack, back when the Sal Perricone deal broke. The bottom line is federal prosecutors should not be pubicly commenting on their cases.

      I said in the post the lawsuit was bullshit. That said I don’t see how Mann defends this suit absent a denial. I for one would like to see a knock down drag out civil suit because Heebe opened the door on his whoreboy Garland Robinette. It will not get that far IMHO.

      Rich Rainey nailed it in his piece. This has nothing to do with larger legal strategy as much as it is Heebe’s parting gift to Jim Letten. This here is a blood feud and it is likely to get nastier.

      Jan Mann does not need my advice as she is a seasoned lawyer but Slabbed’s lawyer Bobby Truitt would make short work of this suit. Unlikely he can prevent the associated PR disaster though.

      1. Doug, I missed that discussion, but I will offer this. They were anonymous comments, much like the ones left here and others left on Ask your attorney, Truitt. Everyone post anonymously, why can’t they. When do we start treating people differently? God knows Obama has taken so many of our rights away and has redrawn the what Government is…it isn’t We The People any more. It’s them the Government. I am just concerned that ANYONE’s rights are ripped from them. Now if they violated a law, that’s different. But I haven’t seen that yet, have you? These are thoughts I am having as Tuesday approaches. I am scared—flat scared about our rights being taken away from us. What does have to say about this crap?

        1. Jack:

          You seem to have missed “many discussions.” I would like for you to list the rights the President has taken from you. Generally, how in the world can a President unilaterally affect your First Amendment rights? Specifically, how has Obama impacted your First Amendment rights? You sound like a hysterical, Chicken Little who has run around for the past 4 years screaming about how the capitalist sky is falling. According to cry-babies like you, we now live in a socialist Country, which is governed by a Muslim. This Muslim-socialist was born in Kenya and did not go to college. He hates America and really did not have Osama Bin Laden killed. And if he did, he only did it for political purposes. I’m sure you send and receive a slew of Obama-hating e-mails, and that you willingly believe every word of it.

          As for an AUSA blogging about cases, it clearly violates the rules in the AUSA Manual distributed by the Justice Department, and in a larger sense, it violates the Rules of Professional Conduct to which all attorneys must adhere. Both Perricone and Jan Masseli agreed to adhere to these rules, and I’m pretty sure the manual calls for discipline and/or termination for any such violation. This has very little to do with the First Amendment, but you seem to hate America too much to realize that.

          1. Don’t rough up old Jack too much. He missed quite a few decades of our rights eroding away under the All-Knowings exercising power, excusable, perhaps, given the “Niemoller” manner that the erosion occurred, and seeing the acceleration over the last decade simply takes the name of the current Leader in vain.

            Certainly those of us who have touched upon the sphere of government and law should express equal-opportunity cynicism, especially for those of us who, to paraphrase Bismark, “habe die Herstellung
            Wurst und Recht gesehen.”

  2. This is turning out to be an interesting struggle for control over Fazzio who knows where all the skeletons are buried. Outing Mann is no coincidence it’s an attempt to manipulate the hearing but remember there is no honor among thieves and IMHO there are more Hank Ton’s, Moutons , and Broussard’s etc.. than there are of any more tricks Heebe could possible pull out his ass. So far if this is the best Team Heebe’s got Fazzio better start chirping .

  3. Hey Doug parting shot at Jim or not IMHO Team Heebe is thinking throw enough dirt on it , only takes one jurist to buy into the misconduct prosecutors vendetta against a successful businessman conspiracy. Having said that I think he miss calculates on the jury pool in this area being feed up with all the corruption and the tenacity of the FBI and DOJ daddy or no daddy he has become an embarrassment.

  4. I know many will disagree, but the posts at issue are so tangential to the cases she may have been working on as to be much ado about nothing. The end game for that POS Heebe is to stir as much shit and deflect attention from him. So far, it’s been a successful strategy!

  5. Vendetta is far too masculine for pretty-boy heebie-jeebie: his antics are more like hissy-fits found in a room full of pms’ing old maids! Boy seems to have more “hermones” than “himmones”. Possibly he’s trying to steal enough for a sex-change: make daddy happy by becoming a man! LOL!

  6. Prosecutors and Defense counsel are prevented under the Rules of Professional Conduct from commenting in the media regarding ongoing cases. We all hate that Rule.

  7. Just had a radical thought maybe there is a story for someone like 60 Minutes they can hire the same analyst to go city by city and see how many in the DOJ are blogging today . Sock I agree it’s in the manual for them to not “officially” speak on cases or divulge any grand jury information , funny that really hasn’t happened has it ?

    1. Gee Tom, I guess you showed me. First, do you really believe an AUSA can make any comments in any forum, as long as they are not “officially speaking”? Let me give you but one of several sections of the AUSA manual these 2 seem to have violated:

      Sec. 1-7.550

      Concerns of Prejudice

      Because the release of certain types of information could tend to prejudice an adjudicative proceeding, Department personnel should refrain from making available the following:

      A) Observations about a defendant’s character;

      1. When a regulation runs contrary to the US Constitution, the Constitution wins!!! And let’s hope it stays like that. Free Speech for all, including you Sock.

        1. In all fairness Jessie I have to say Sock is right to the extent of how the manual reads in which AUSA prosecutors must adhere publicly in there official capacity. The 2 key issues here is was internal grand jury information leaked and was the case prejudiced by the defamation of Mr. Heebe both injuring either his opportunity for a fair trial or causing harm to his person or business and we all know what the answer is to that when those statements were among many similar and done anonymously. Like the slap suit aginst Doug involving the goat herder’s punks, Heebe would use his wealth and connections exercising his constitutional right to misuse the law charging prosecutors failed to wash their hands after using the toilet if thought it would help his case.

          1. Perricone decided to voice his objections against public officials in a manner that was, shall we say, to the point of vigilantism which is why he is gone . Maybe Letten is waiting till after the election but my bet is Jan Mann is not going anywhere .

        2. Jessie:

          Here’s my protected free speech: you haven’t a clue. Would the First Amendment protect someone who told a parent that he would rape and kill the person’s young child? Would it protect someone who screams “fire” in a crowded theater? If you think free speech is absolute and has no parameters, you don’t know much. So what you posit here is that there should be no rules for any lawyers when discussing cases. Do you think the DOJ and state bar associations were ignorant of the First Amendment when they wrote these rules?

          The Constitution is not at odds with the AUSA Manual or the Rules of Professional Conduct. But you hardly appear able to comprehend this concept.

  8. Sock how was I trying to show you anything ? Secondly my point was thier staments were not made officialy they were done as just one of the many other bloggers using a pseudonym name that no one else cared to know the identity of till it worked for Team Heebe .

  9. Can anyone explain why eweman comments are no longer there but others’ comments remain? Just curious how/why. When I search old board topics on subjects like my Dad, AROD, the comments appear. Though, I don’t necessarily trust that all comments appear. I’m not insinuating that is censoring but just perplexed…. Please enlighten me.

    1. It seems like is only retaining comments for a few months back now; I looked for some old comments but could not find them. One of the articles says that Mann/”eweman” stopped commenting right after Perricone got his ass handed to him by Heebe. So maybe she has not commented (at least under eweman) within the time period for which is retaining comments. There may be a way to find those old comments in archives.

  10. Understood. However, other topics, like AROD, go back as far as ’09… So just guessing why the differential. Thanks for responding.

    1. My comments on only go back 4 months, but I have commented under the same sock puppet for years. I think if you run the commenters by name, you will find the same thing.

  11. The scuttlebutt on the highway revolves around a high ranking executive NOLA Media Group and Advance Central Services Louisiana has been leaking the IP logs to the Team Heebe camp. If these allegations prove true that high ranking executives are providing the IP logs to the Heebe camp then it would be in everyone’s best interest to boycott commenting on

  12. I’m confused by your comment, is the word executive singular or plural. And just how could this rumor ever be proven true or false ? WTF are saying ? Not commenting on NOLA will prove this ‘scuttlebutt’ true ?

    So your advice is not to comment on NOLA in fear of being outed by Heebe and his gang. In essence, give in to Heebe and his gang’s hard-ball unethical and possible illegal tactics by colluding and corrupting an inside executive. To give Heebe cover, free speech be damned ! No fucking way.

    I’d be the last person Fred, Kyle or any of his posse would want to fuck with, IP address or no IP address.

    In fact I’m so pissed off with your comment whether it be factual or not, that I going to sign up with NOLA right now and tell Fred to go fuck himself.

  13. Simadownah: Wash dat mouth out child, right dis’ minute. You did talking bad to da’ Prez.

    What done happened – you had a bad E-trading day or sometin’.

    These youngin’s got such worser vocabullaries den sailors.

    Have someone read AZ’s last post to yo’ disbelievin’ diapered butt tonite before yo’ last bot and got yoself some little respect fo’ dem elders child or da’ Santa done brought yo’ a whip wit da’ whislte on it.

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