Will someone please get the DMR and Bill Walker outta the real estate business.

Suspension of disbelief

Suspension of disbelief or willing suspension of disbelief is a term coined in 1817 by the poet and aesthetic philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who suggested that if a writer could infuse a “human interest and a semblance of truth” into a fantastic tale, the reader would suspend judgment concerning the implausibility of the narrative.

Land swap for marina questioned by developer. ~ Mary Perez

So the DMR is actually considering swapping Harbor Landing, which taxpayers bought from the taxpayer real estate king David Harris for over $3.6 million plus 18 months of free use for a piece of larger parcel of undeveloped land on the Biloxi waterfront the owers could not sell in total for $2.5 million. This folks, sounds like DMR Director Dr Bill Walker math to me, but then again maybe that is why the Office of the State Auditor had investigators crawling all over Walker’s office around a week ago. I hear the OSA has taken an interest in taxpayer funded real estate transactions across the coast in fact. From my vantage point this area is indeed rich in scams and rife with fraud.

6 thoughts on “Will someone please get the DMR and Bill Walker outta the real estate business.”

  1. It’s about time. The coast is just as corrupt a nola. The DMR is as good of a place as any to start.

    I don’t particularly care for Stacey, but if he did his job he’d be much easier to tolerate.

    1. I think this is what politicians mean when they say “planned development”.

      None of these schemes would work without the taxpayers playing Santa Claus.

  2. Did y’all catch the relative values in the story by Karen Nelson on Sunday? Everything was hugely overvalued. What the auditors need is a list of all those owners. Harris and Walker have had ties for years from the boat scam perpetuated with the YMCA boats and the “charity” YADA owned and operated by Harris. Need some names, but the “Topaz”, the “California” and one other 42 foot yacht were rented, sold and fixed by DMR for Harris for staggering amounts of money; new engines, insurance, ect. What for? To entertain politicians and provide their sons’ catered birthday parties, guess who?

    1. Sure did. It appears no one at the S/H has yet caught on to the fact that “Questioned Costs” are usually repaid. I wonder which pot of state tax money will foot the bill for all these sweetheart deals?

      This also explains why OSA is involved on a Johnny come lately basis..

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