11 thoughts on “It’s a twofer: Slabbed again makes nola.com”

  1. They finally get it. It is not about fighting the transition of the
    media content distribution vehicle—it is about making the most of
    the new media medium. Great work. Creative, unexpected, well
    researched and spot on.

  2. Doug, who knew you were working for DOJ. Wait, let me adjust my tin foil hat; oh, yeah, now I see it! The Department of Journalism. LMAO.

    1. Carpe , the sad thing is the guy apparently also suffers from multiple personality disorder signing in as different persona’s in some using Slabbed as a source for his conspiracy garbage against Letten while claiming Doug is the DOJ. He

    1. When Fred Heebe figures out that David aka VETUS isn’t really David but AG Eric Holder himself. That’s when things will get interesting. :mrgreen:

    1. I read the suit and Fred does not make use of his expert. My own thought is his allegation that labeled his $250,000 payment to Garlandfill Robinette payola being defamation is a big stretch. I’ll have something on the suit later today.

      1. Mole in the office or rather a rumored former Mole. The mole might lose his/her law license though if she/he gave confidential information to the Heebe camp to help them in their litigation. I don’t see anything of substance in the petition though that should worry the DOJ or Jan Mann. After Tuesday the DOJ is going to gang rape Heebe and the rest of the crew. I think by the time the DOJ is finished that every single person who thought they would escape from prosecution will be indicted just to send a message to Heebe and to make them as toxic as humanly possible.

        1. Hell has no furry as a woman prosicutor scorned , watch out Heebe you now have have a 500lb relentless gorrila on your back .

  3. Yea jr. it looks that way. But look here, there are no secrets on Camp Street. I would attribute to Heebe’s push back success a combination of his having big money and a lawyer with big balls.

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