She’s an enigma wrapped in a riddle: Judge Ginger

Few federal Judges in the Louisiana Eastern District captivate the Slabbed Nation moreso than Judge Helen “Ginger” Berrigan. We’d discuss Judge Ginger internally back during our insurance litigation blogging days and Nowdy would always default to lawyers with ACLU pedigrees being “a different breed of cat”. Whatever it was we thought Judge Ginger was the pits handling insurance cases.

We’ve followed her since, including Fred Heebe being Judge Ginger’s docent on her tour of the River Birch Headquarters, which was raided by the FBI. And despite the fact Fred Heebe’s dad is still a very senior Federal Judge there at the Federal Courthouse in New Orleans Judge Ginger stood alone in refusing to recuse herself from matters involving Heebe’s son Fred Jr.

I’ve come to believe being a Federal Judge in New Orleans is a glamor job with the national news making potential and of late Judge Ginger has done that handling Jonathan Vilma’s defamation suit against NFL Commish Roger Goodell. Luckily for the Slabbed Nation our legal consultants are literally cream of the crop and when one of the gang that is very measured in commenting offline goes on a rant then we’ll compare and contrast Judge Ginger in Vilma v Goodell and USA v Fazzio / USA v Titus to get the insights of a keen legal mind:

These cases before Berrigan almost look identical in the handling of critical legal issues (you know, the ones that judges should handle):

In Vilma’s case I think it is an accepted belief that she will not, and cannot, do anything on this issue to resolve the matter.  Certainly there will be no trial on the merits.  But her practice seems to be, lets give the party their day in court to air out their grievance, then sit on it indefinitely.  She gave Vilma a “I really would like to rule in your favor, but…..” comment, then ….. did nothing, hoping it clears up on its own.

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Wednesday afternoon quick hits

Many of you folks know yesterday’s post on Tim Whitmer trying to get the ol’ Felony Waiver from the Louisiana DOI made yesterday evening.  I thought the link was nice.

Along those lines we’ve picked up a fan at Firedoglake and were linked in yesterday’s news roundup.  I thought that was nice too.

Judge Ginger granted Team Fazzio’s motion for an evidentiary hearing related to alleged prosecutorial misconduct in his and his brother in law Mark Titus’ prosecutions.  For Titus this would be round 2.  Round 1 before Judge Lemelle did not go so well despite the fact Ed Garner, owner of Garner Services, spoke up on Titus’ behalf.  Manuel Torres has all the skinny on the latest developments including some decent legal analysis over at

Speaking of Mark Titus, he stopped in with us over the weekend to tell his side of things for those so interested.  I do not think his lawyers liked him speaking out so I doubt he’ll be giving us any further insights.  In any event I suspect Judge Ginger’s upcoming hearing will be well attended.

Tim Whitmer ain’t the only corrupt former Jefferson Parish political nabob still in the insurance biz no siree

It’s just that Tim Coulon had the sense to high tail it to Jim Letten’s office to spill his guts according to Gambitman.  How many sleazy former politicians went to work for Adams and Reese or still have progeny there slopping at the taxpayer trough?  I can think of 5 without trying hard. Click the pic to get the 14 page PDF.

Aaron Broussard and Tom Wilkinson coming to a small screen near you…..

But first a word from our sponsor.

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