15 thoughts on “Slabbed Exclusive: Self Admitted Felon Tim Whitmer goes for a Felony exemption to maintain insurance license”

  1. If his license has not been already suspended I would think the unthinkable likely too ? Well Jim so much for that speech about protecting consumers , eh, kind of like doing nothing on the named storm deductible ? ( For Sock )

    1. what is truly disturbing is without selling one bit of new insurance the apparent fix is going in to “protect” his continued collection of “residual premiums” on the very policies at the heart of his malfeaseance, misfeasance, and corruption. If the Feds don’t get a pre-emptive restrainining order against Jimbo the robber clown: then the bottom line is Whitmer will get to KEEP HIS ILL GOTTEN GAINS! Message being, crime & corruption DO pay….even if you get caught. Disgusting!

  2. By NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune The Times-Picayune
    on October 30, 2012 at 6:45 PM, updated October 30, 2012 at 6:47 PM Email | Print

    Brought to you by
    Tim Whitmer, who admitted covering up political corruption while he was chief administrative officer to Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard, has applied to renew his Louisiana license to sell insurance. The website slabbed.org on Tuesday posted Whitmer’s file from the Insurance Department, including his application and a response letter saying he must seek a waiver because of his conviction. Whitmer ran a brokerage called Lagniappe Industries while working for Jefferson Parish.
    At the troubled Jefferson Parish Housing Authority, interim Executive Director Dalton Simmons has quit after just two months on the job, WDSU television reported.

    It’s very evident why the TP refuses to acknowledge Doug Handshoe by name for the great job of scoop investigative reporting that he is doing while the TP news writer seem to be relegated to taking dictation and hustling his bloggers for a story. The new mantra of NOLA.com “No Guts No Glory No Original Story” …

    1. No story on Whitmer without the PRR, which Slabbed already had. I’d rather get the credit than see the work duplicated. This is a good thing we’re making the news IMHO as it means people are hearing the good word.

  3. Why am I not surprised … we are slowly but surely learning about the benefits that Whitmer will be afforded as a result of Letten’s plea agreement with THE principal facitator of corruption in Jefferson Parish for the last 16 plus years.

  4. Doubt if the shoe was on the other foot they would be so humble and that’s also part of the recipe for success you have which bothers them other wise they would have the class to give credit as you do .

    1. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I like this part of the new NOLA Media Group.

      I’ve been making mental notes since my last state of the local media series. There are aspects of the Newhouse business model that appear very well thought out.

      It is a brave new internet driven media world and we have earned a seat at the table. This is a good thing.

      1. First, they troll on Slabbed for comment from Mark Titus, then they report on this story that you broke (admittedly with attribution). What’s next, they offer you a job as the JP beat reporter?

  5. He should apply for a job with State Farm. I am sure they need adjusters
    in the New York area. Make sure you include the part about you not reporting
    others who are committing crimes and your in babe.

  6. “Jimbo the CLOWN” Donelon….the title says it all…and , moreover, what’s even more distressing than what appears to be Whitmer’s lite treatment as a result of his plea deal is that “JIMBO” continues unabated with his reign of terror on insurance consumers in Louisiana…and , yet, he still walks around a free man… a cruel injustice to the insurance consumers of this state…

    1. No Bunhare ,
      The real injustice is the approved rate hike to citizens to pay the politico attorney fees from the class action suit the consumers had no say over or real benifit from.

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