Slabbed Exclusive: Self Admitted Felon Tim Whitmer goes for a Felony exemption to maintain insurance license

And with a clown from the Jefferson Parish Political Cesspool impersonating a state insurance commissioner it may just happen folks. Click the pic to get the entire 24 page PDF Slabbed obtained via PRR.

Mainly because she was losing badly: Julie Quinn quits the District D 24th JDC race

Less than a few weeks before the election no less! Paul Purpura over at NOLA Media Group has all the skinny (Hat Tip Patricia on twitter.) It seems as though it was just yesterday “Scott Free” was joining all the other area district attorneys extolling Quinn’s virtues. Times flies because it was actually 29 days ago.

While Quinn’s withdrawl is good news for the public it also means security must be doubled, perhaps tripled around Jefferson Parish Prez John Young, upon whom Quinn sometimes predates.

With his new work on the home elevation boondoggle one wonders if we should keep an eye peeled on Hammerman over at WWLTeeVee.

Zip It: Skeeting lawyer settles the case of the doughnut glazed dress

Well folks, former Judy Barasso staff attorney Keith Magness can honestly say he left it all on the desk at his former employer. Paul Purpura has the skinny on the latest developments in the case of the skeeting lawyer as the civil suit has been settled. Never a dull moment on the Slabb.

Ship for Brains Part Trois: Mayberry on 14th Street???

To Hazard Mitigate or not? This is today’s question.

Port’s executive director resigns

I personally took this as a bad sign because I think Allee “got it” after Katrina. And what did he get? Mainly that monster Hurricanes hit the northern Gulf Coast, specifically the Mississippi Gulf Coast on roughly 40 year cycles or just long enough for what I’ll term institutional memory of the previous monster storm to fade. Anita Lee over at the Sun Herald covered this part of the Hazard Mitigation equation way back in July, 2009. A quick quote from that old story before we get to more current links on the mismanagement over at the State Port at Gulfport (website badly out of date):

As a result, Katrina hurtled containers, trailers and paper rolls into the neighborhoods of West Gulfport and East Long Beach. They heightened the terror of residents who remained in their homes, equally unprepared for the storm’s savagery. Essentially, containers that weigh 3 1/2 tons empty to more than 26 tons loaded, along with 5,400-pound paper rolls, pounded like battering rams against structures already compromised by wind and water. Continue reading “Ship for Brains Part Trois: Mayberry on 14th Street???”