When it comes to a certain subject neither of us are usually at a loss for words…….

And that subject would be Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser aka Nunny aka Anderson Cooper’s “Bubba”.  While it is too early from an official standpoint to start taking victory laps as Slabbed, among a few other media outlets has consistently called this disgusting person out, especially since the oil spill and bermdoggle.  Lifers will recall it was none other than Jeanette Maier aka Gidget aka The Canal Street Madam who was kind enough to put Nunny on our radar screen as his tastes in “women” runs to the exotic (and that is very nice way of putting it).

Why do I mention Nunny?  ‘Cause on Friday Rich Rainey broke the story that Team Fed has subpoenaed records from Nungesser’s administration as the persistent rumors of Katrina related corruption in his administration heat up immensely.  During the process we’re gonna get a peeksie at the process of putting an investigative report on the TeeVee IMHO as I’ve been consistently told WVUE’s Lee Zurik had the goods on ol’ Nunny but left all that on the cutting room floor in favor of a partial expose on former Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Jiff Hingle.  As a general rule media coverage in metro New Orleans of Nungesser has been just a tad less disgraceful than Anderson Cooper’s lionization of the systemically corrupt and morally bankrupt Plaquemines Parish Prez.

I for one will enjoy seeing this scandal unfold.

3 thoughts on “When it comes to a certain subject neither of us are usually at a loss for words…….”

  1. I too wiill enjoy the show…Puts me in mind of Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 (“..just put some bleachers out in the sun…”)

  2. One hears a bit from the “playahs” in the third rate play which passes for Plaquemines Parish Government, although they do make off like bandits – after all, where else could one have made off with $500 MM as attributed to a certain political family, per the district attorney ad hoc handling the case?

    The problem is that a certain former parish “leader” in charge of an outright welfare state (Professor G. Jeansonne’s words) went one day to the District of Criminals in the 1960s and told them to butt out of his business. Given the amount of legitimate government “takings” (provide your own euphemism, children) since then, the absence of DOJ/FBI inquiry over the years is certainly is such to excuse the cynicism of the natives.

    Since a large part of the populace (putting Mittster’s “47%” to shame) are participating in the looting process in some manner, one can only hope for a great amount of lamentations if the axe ever falls. A great deal of penance may prove worthwhile for those who sought the world only to lose their souls, right?

  3. The commentators and readers may also want to do their own calculations on the most recent “other” developments. You have the parish attorney who is the law partner of the district attorney who in turn is the business partner of the parish president. The parish attorney bounced back and forth from representing Jiffy H. to Billy Nooner and of course is in the middle of Hingle’s mess, although Jim LettenthemOff hasn’t seen fit to nail this particular consigliere (although with respect to the “consigliere’s” brain power, told such is lacking). And the parish attorney is in dutch with the formerly do-little Ethics Board (astounding, where is UpChuck Plattsmeier?) The district attorney is involved in litigation which inevitably will drag in the parish government, but this means nothing since prior district attorneys have seen fit to sue the parish government – for that matter, a prior parish president did so, too!

    A nice overlay to the skimming off the top of the hundreds of millions flowing through the parish government coffers which LettenthemOff has trouble finding illegal. Add to that of course the rampant illegal diversion of dedicated funds to other uses.

    Nothing new here, people, just move along.

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