The case of the extorting Tranny plows forward: Motion for protective order deferred.

What can I say folks except interest in the subject of the NOLA JD Mystery John and the extorting Tranny continues to be intense.  Our readers may remember the NOLA JD Mystery John went for a protective order but so far Judge Rodriguez isn’t buying in.  As the docket below indicates Lewis is fighting the charges.

If any of you are wondering why I’m still calling the JD Mystery John a mystery it is because I am being nice. Those of you that are still trying to figure it out…….well, keep trying. 😉

Da Banana gets AMV’s personnel file while the gang plotted to figure out what she had given the Federal Grand Jury

What I do not understand is why TheRiot turned to the Parish’s Homeland Security people instead of Human Resources when he sent Anne Marie Vandenweghe home back in February, 2010 while claiming she was a deadhead employee that did nothing but blog on company time?

She obviously was doing something because she had this hard drive with copies of all sorts of documents that she gathered for the federal grand jury investigating the River Birch Landfill and the gang desperately wanted to see what she had given Team Fed.  By February Continue reading “Da Banana gets AMV’s personnel file while the gang plotted to figure out what she had given the Federal Grand Jury”

When it comes to a certain subject neither of us are usually at a loss for words…….

And that subject would be Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser aka Nunny aka Anderson Cooper’s “Bubba”.  While it is too early from an official standpoint to start taking victory laps as Slabbed, among a few other media outlets has consistently called this disgusting person out, especially since the oil spill and bermdoggle.  Lifers will recall it was none other than Jeanette Maier aka Gidget aka The Canal Street Madam who was kind enough to put Nunny on our radar screen as his tastes in “women” runs to the exotic (and that is very nice way of putting it).

Why do I mention Nunny?  ‘Cause on Friday Rich Rainey broke the story that Team Fed has subpoenaed records from Nungesser’s administration as the persistent rumors of Katrina related corruption in his administration heat up immensely.  During the process we’re gonna get a peeksie at the process of putting an investigative report on the TeeVee IMHO as I’ve been consistently told WVUE’s Lee Zurik had the goods on ol’ Nunny but left all that on the cutting room floor in favor of a partial expose on former Plaquemines Parish Sheriff Jiff Hingle.  As a general rule media coverage in metro New Orleans of Nungesser has been just a tad less disgraceful than Anderson Cooper’s lionization of the systemically corrupt and morally bankrupt Plaquemines Parish Prez.

I for one will enjoy seeing this scandal unfold.

It is only natural, with Frankenstorm bearing down on the northeast, people would turn to Slabbed for wisdom….

So far today Slabbed has gotten double digit search engine referrals under the search string “Jim Cantore is a douche” for instance.  I can tell those folks that if Jim Cantore shows up a couple of miles from where you are just before a Hurricane strikes its best to run like hell.  The same would be true if I were to show up but worry not on that count as I’m staying right down here in Soggy Bottom for Hurricane Sandy.

I mention all this because late this morning I heard from our old friend Kathleen Koch as she put togther a piece sharing some of our wisdom for dealing with monster storms for the good people at CNN and they published it late this morning.  I thought it had some good tips.  Slabbed has several peeps up in harms way with Sandy and hopefully things will turn out well for all.