Welp, its evidently Letten or nuthin’

Nola Media Group’s Bruce Alpert wrote a whopper around 10 minutes ago on the prospects of Jim Letten keeping his job as US Attorney no matter who is elected Prez in a few weeks.  I can almost hear vomit hitting the floor right now but I thought this part was the biggest hoot of ’em all:

Democrats mentioned as possible candidates for the U.S. attorney’s job include New Orleans white-collar attorney Kenneth Polite, Louisiana Democratic Party Chairman Karen Carter Peterson and former New Orleans city attorney and current Entergy New Orleans CEO Charles Rice. Polite’s interest in the office was confirmed by a person familiar with his thinking, though Polite declined comment when reached on the phone. Carter Peterson didn’t return phone calls seeking comment. Rice said he had been surprised to hear his name surface in connection with the job, and that he has no interest in the post at the minute.

Charles Rice? Hell why not go retro and bring Beetlejuice back if you want a political hack with bonafides in the metro NOLA political cesspool?

I reckon it’s not too early to start talking about this folks since Slabbed fav Dane Ciolino is yapping about same.

14 thoughts on “Welp, its evidently Letten or nuthin’”

      1. i was on a couple years after you doug. it was dan milham then, what a douche he was. ….. with the amount of heavy duty cases in the recent past and in the near future hard to see obama putting in a local hack. too much risk. is there a rule that the prosecutor live in the district before being nominated?

      2. Mel might as well have been asking Dane for legal-ethics opinion; he seems to get those wrong pretty often too. Ahhh . . . Channel 12, a real staple in the lineup of 4, 6, 8, 12 and 26, Screw Cox Cable for ruining it all.

  1. As a result of the Political 69 Routine Vitter and Landrieu have been playing with each other so that they, their family and their cronies are protected, we get to keep this buffoon who deals away the house and the money … this is not good news …

  2. Twas it me who said it’s premature in thinking of Letten’s retirement, I think it twas ? Not that I am a supporter because I certainly am not just a realist . Just like Harry Lee, Letten has obtained rock star recognition whether deceivingly so or not in which Perricone also eluded to his taking credit for others work. And no doubt he has also amassed many owed favors from political elites as well made many enemies but we ultimately have to ask in the alternative could it have been or can it be worse than Letten and that thought gives me the Heebe gee bee’s.

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