The crushing of Big D continues as Hendrikus “Hank” Ton cops a plea and agrees to squeal

So now that Dominick “Big D” Fazzio’s brother in law Mark Titus has gone down in flames left to prepare for his upcoming trial with Big D from the pokey the newest defendant in the various alleged Fazzio criminal schemes, Hendrikus “Hank” Ton has copped a plea and agreed to testify against Fazzio, whose legal plight was well summarized by his attorney Buddy Lemann as quoted by Nola Media Group’s Manuel Torres:

“The guy who saved himself more than $3.5 million faces no more than 10 years,” Lemann said, referring to Ton’s maximum possible prison sentence. “But my client, the guy who simply filed the tax returns for fees that totaled no more than $15,000, faces 50 years. It’s absurd.”

Far from absurd this is the reality that is facing Fazzio and with Ton as a witness against him things are looking bad in Big D.  And with the federal grand jury closing in on Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy things are heating up as the cross hairs center on River Birch Landfill.

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  1. Hank Ton was a huge surprise while Titus and his attorney’s miscalculation thinking they could leverage the ultimate get out of jail free deal, greed gattcha and greed is gonna send ya for a very long time . Makes you wonder what all does the FBI know about, eh, Fazzio , and what other aces could they possible have in those deep endless pockets !

  2. OK let’s see…Titus got the governments intentions not to seek forfeiture in writing and verified by independent government agency but was dismissed as “boilerplate” language by the author and accepted as such by the courts. Yet the report with this (mis)information was proofread by a supervisor and released by the Chief of the department. The government stonewalls on turning over other reports by this author so verification of this “boilerplate” language can be verified and the court doesn’t allow more time for investigation.
    In February 2012, just a couple weeks before Titus is to testify on behalf of the government the AUSA’s file motion stating that they can’t find Titus’ assets or any others of value but this is completely contradicted by an FBI report of May 2011.
    The court accepts the written testimony 2 AUSA’s that have been recused for misconduct as factual.

    Something doesn’t make sense

  3. KnowwhatIknow: Your explanation doesn’t make sense.

    If Titus had such written assurances of non-seizure by the Feds and believed it why did he try to get relatives to receive and hide his assets.

  4. Because there is always more to the story than meets the eye.

    I am not hiding behind any anonymous name like many of you that comment here on Slabb, but of course because of my current matters I am unable to really let loose and engage on what I would really like to say, hope ya’ll can respect that.

    A few that I’ve seen come and go during my short duration of monitoring Slabb seem to know that which is public is but a glimpse of reality. Plenty have an opinion on me, about me, and offer judgment but how does that saying go, until you walk in one man’s shoes

    1. Well Mark, you’ve come to the place that always tries to get a peek behind that glimpse of reality. I’m interested in hearing your take.

    2. Bring It!

      Because of what some of us do for a living and because there are always some nut-jobs lurking, pseudonyms are the way to go. But I think you’d be surprised at how receptive the audience here can be. Indeed, we have clearly assessed Perricone’s unethical behavior here. I, for one, don’t see his misconduct as being irrelevant or immaterial. I think there can be little doubt that it affected the prosecutions within Letten’s office . . . maybe yours.

      1. I was thinking more of the cowards that throw a lot of stones here and at nola, like you said, there can be good reasons to be anonymous, no offense meant. Most lay folks, myself included, think along the same lines on the Perricone topic but the courts don’t appear to. He was one of the 2 main POC’s I reported to, the other has been recused also, how could it have not affected me. They have been recused for unethical conduct, or pardon me voluntarily recused, yet I am the liar.

        I don’t think these things are scripted from start to finish but take on a life of their own as matters move along.
        The truth will come out, unfortunately for me I will behind bars and have likely lost everything when it does. Despite the hardship along the way I have much faith in the Justice system.

      1. We are, through the courts. Trouble is they know my resources and can wear us down with Motions and whatnot, look at all the filings since my sentencing. It is hard to match their resources and the teams they have working on it all.
        Also look at the way they do business. In the FBI affidavit which is part of the record, on face value one may believe that I significantly encumbered my home, but in errors by omission by what the agent failed to mention is that the mortgage was actually a refinance that reduced my term from 22 years left on my 30 year mortgage to 15 years and lowered my interest rate equating to a significant savings. They lead one to believe that after signing my Plea that I secured a new line of credit against my home also, but what they don’t say is that I had that line over ten years and was only re-issued when Hancock bought out Whitney, or the fact that it has a zero balance.
        I can get long winded, I need to watch myself

        1. From a big picture standpoint it appears you’re a casualty in the much larger war between DoJ and Fred Heebe.

          How are you and Dominick getting along?

          1. Upon their arrival one of the first things DC DOJ did was to accuse me of conspiring with Fazzio to orchestrate this whole thing and have it blow up. If they knew of the turmoil and dismay all this generated amount the family they would know otherwise. I think I remember reading some comment about having an interesting Thanksgiving dinner, this one wont be any different except mine will be in the roundbar hotel, Fazzio’s won’t.

          2. If you managed to get Paul Villalobos involved in a Federal criminal case, you must have done something right. Paul is about the most honest lawyer and decent guy you’ll find . . . and a funny mo-fo to boot. I’m sure he did not do this for the money.

  5. Squeeze me Mr. Titus but sorry i have no tears for you ! First I personally think there is more than likely a lot more you could have been charged with what’s more you voluntarily agreed to ware a wire on Fazzio your brother-in law as well plead guilty of your own accord, just what did you expect as a felon in sentencing ?

    1. Tom, if that’s your real name??
      I would expect for my agreement to be honored!
      Not for the gov to say oh sorry we issued you that report in error. It had meaning to me!
      Whose getting fired or held accountable for that error?
      Whose accountable for the AUSA report filed that was contradictory to the FBI’s 302 report?
      Oh, it was corrected by stating “as best as I can remember”

  6. Mark: If the SlabbedNation is going to try to believe you had a rock solid deal of the Feds not seizing your assets then tell us why you post plea have been accused of putting assets under family members?

    The second question – did you really believe you would be entitled to retain the ill gotten gains of your criminal efforts and did your disbelief cause you to transfer said assets? And could you tell us exactly what those gains were in dollars?

  7. While I appreciate your comments on here, Mr. Titus, I have to agree why, if you had a deal with Letten’s office on non-seizure of assets, you transferred assets to family members when DOJ announced its intent to take over the case. I am not prejudging, I am just asking, what I think is, a question that most would ask, based on the appearance alone.

    1. A TP reporter soliciting communication with a high-profile, white-color, criminal defendant through slabbed? Blaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahah!

  8. There is a huge hole in this story and it is very simple one indeed to explain. The prosicutors have no control over the judge or his sentencing they can only make recomendations but if they did influence the judges dission that would be grounds for a mistrial since once you plead guilty you could not file an appeal . Sorry aint buying it and by the way a little advise keep up not showing any remorse and see what the next sentence will look like , see ya don’t wanna be ya !

    1. First the TP steals stories without a hat-tip now they are literally stealing commenters.

      Mr. Manny Torres how about you excusing yourself thru Doug Hanshoe and then asking if he would mind sharing a commenter?

      TOM: You are right about a huge hole in Titus’s story and I too think these federal judges are growing tired of the antics of these white collar politicos and are laying wood and the longer these cases go on the judges seem to be swinging for the fences.

      All you so=called contractors contributing thousands to the Council of Clowns beware the IG and da’ Judge be coming on you real soon.


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