And now a word from a major Slabbed sponsor, the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish

Hi guys. You folks may remember earlier this month I mentioned a thing or two about a massive public records request I sent late in the spring of this year. So according to the August, 2012 PRR report on file up on the 7th floor of the Yenni Building the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish invested over $10,000 and 240 man hours in this little project and that does not count the 80 or so man hours I spent thus far rolling it out to the public.

So with that set up the disclaimers that this taxpayer subsidy in no way impacted Slabbed’s coverage of the operations of Jefferson Parish government during the bad old days when the Goatherders were running wild no siree.  In fact the people inside the Yenni Building today are workin’ hard to get that mookie stink off the operations of the Parish Government.  The Parish Attorney’s office, for instance welcomes the use of sunshine as a disinfectant and cockroach insecticide when such is applied by the hand of a seasoned professional. Speaking of that, please do not try this at home folks.  When I sent the first bat signal to the Parish Attorney’s office I could tell from the reply that it caused some sort of seismic disturbance inside the annals of the elected aristocracy.  I’m not gonna share my secret as that is what makes the artist formerly known as Sop a seasoned professional but after a fashion everyone emoted and then we joined hands and sang Kumbaya and set sail.

Now at this point I gotta mention none of the people up on 7 want their names mentioned in Slabbed’s coverage as they were simply public servants going about their jobs and I agreed to honor that, especially since being the public face on 7 is Parish Attorney Foshee’s job.  That said I enjoyed working with the gang assigned to the project and in an odd cosmic twist one of the employees assigned to Slabbed had an extensive prior work history with our good friends over at Liberty Mutual, a company we tackled a time or two in the past.  On one visit, when I opened a file that contained an allergen that caused me to cough uncontrollably the gang was kind enough to grab me some water.  Once I entered the room with the records I did not leave said room until the workday was done.  I may be getting old but to paraphrase Hank:

I can dive in bankers boxes all day long and I can stick flounder from dusk til dawn.

Since I was given access to the actual source documents in their marked and numbered bankers boxes I did have to agree to not discuss the redaction’s in the documents as some of them went to the federal grand jury and/or various investigative bodies. That said I think I picked well and since I’m busy paying the bills (unfortunately Slabbed does not pay the bills) I thought I’d throw out a couple of docs that illustrate who was sponsoring Aaron Broussard’s month of December.  Since we took a break and covered the mysterious case of the Tranny and NOLA JD mystery John those needing to catch up should start here for 14 pages on Broussard’s “Wedding Crashers” party as I now show a handwritten list of sponsors as party planning evolved:

Scratch Larry Sising from the list of sponsors.

So what does a newly re-elected Parish Prez to do during the holiday season? Well you shakedown more would be Parish vendors to have another party that’s what, as the name of self admitted felon Bill Mack enters again into the narrative:

Next up is a bit more on the December 12 soiree and the one after that as December was a month to celebrate when Aaron was running things. And of course….

14 thoughts on “And now a word from a major Slabbed sponsor, the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish”

  1. what a piker broussard is. while nagin and EWE were raking in tens to hundreds of thousands ab was shaking down tomba for a c-note. geeze, aaron, why not get the key for the parking meters in gretna and fill up some tube socks with quarters.

  2. As a forensic accountant type I am certain you already asked if there was any type of account or verification of where the $ were spent? Did Ms Pacaccio supply receipts for all expenditures? Just wondering.

    1. Spot on Tom. If he could run a scam no amount was too small. He had ppl like Pacaccio to do all the work courtesy of the taxpayer.

      I have receipts ‘Gate. You may remember a late charge against Broussard involved using his campaign fund to pay these type expenses.

      1. So, if Broussard was indicted for using campaign funds for his personal benefits, then why hasn’t the same fate befallen that self-righteous scum, Chris Roberts? This is Whitmergate’s favorite topic, right?

        1. If you wanted to see mini-me’s warehouse of toys he has illegally acquired thru his campaign fund displayed at his annual pig fest hosted at the home of his blow-buddy contractor contributor Kass, well, it ain’t gonna be there this time around. Rumor has it that “too many eyes are watching “. Seems like that bunker mentality was only a delusion these politicos shared so arrogantly not too long ago; Slabbed continues to shatter their glass house of corruption for all to see.

  3. Too late to duck and cover for the council , if you stand very still and be very quiet that weeping you hear on Camp St. ain’t only Broussard’s. Judging from the recent PR spin in the TP particularly by Largeass, miny me isn’t the only one on the council getting addicted to Ambien to sleep at night.

  4. The biggest change is yet to come. If you establish a cover for or ideally a norm for honest public
    service the real magic happens. This is when people who avoid public service because they don’t
    want to get involved with the corruption start to run for office. This is when government starts to function
    for the common good and the tax payers get a higher rate of return on taxes. JP is not there yet but the
    transparency coupled law enforcement stepping upto the plate is having an impact. This is the time
    for law enforcement to dig deep into the layers of public corruption and root out the “shot callers” as they
    say on the streets.

    By way of example to street level drug sales which I learned about at time working at a juvenile jail. When you see a kid on the street selling drugs it is not by accident he ended up there. He is merely the public face of a problem which goes deeper. Here is how it works. You get a split between a subgroup and the broader society. This slit gives criminals more room to operate. In the drug biz parent(s) with addictions frequently allow their kids to operate on the street level because they can’t provide for their kids and the kids drug selling activity helps feed the parent(s) addiction. This explains the exposure of young kid to the drug culture and his reason for selling. The fact the kids face little time in a juvenile jail and are over loyal to their peer group fuels the fire.

    But how supplies the drugs for the kids to sell? The person in the area who has a good connection to the wholesale drug market is the one. That person is able to procure drugs in a larger quantity and at a lower price so he is the low cost supplier to the neighorhood. This person is sometimes called “the old man in the house” by the kids on the street. This is because the person is older than the kids and because he doesn’t sell drugs on the streets. Instead he entices and organizes the kids in the neighborhood to distribute them on the streets. Note:In the New Orleans area much of the street level drug sales are done in abandoned or very poor housing where an addict lives or nobody lives. But this doesn’t change the game. It is still one person with superior knowledge of the drug biz and better connections who is the leader. Some call them the “shot caller” because this is the person who actually calls the shots so to say.

    The same structure exist in public corruption in JP. There are a group of individuals who have a superior knowledge of how government works, better connections and a little black book of blackmail who call the shots when it comes to public corruption. You can chop off the public head of corruption but until you get to the level of the “shot callers” all you have done is created a new job opening for the crooks. It is a form of organized crime but not necessarily one which follows ethnic lines in all cases. However we know in JP it does follow ethnic lines. Thus the power of slabbed. It can shine light on the entire process and thus allow law enforcement a chance to get to the root of the problem.

  5. Its apparent that Lil’ Napoleon had staffers (Angel) solicit these funds from contractors doing business and receiving contracts which explains why recently the CFGG have asked for an amended ordinance prohibiting staffers , friends and/or relatives from soliciting funds on behalf of an elected official.

    As the TP has reported the current ordinance does not prohibit such a activity and of course Chrissy Roberts, the author of the original ordinance, stated “He” has never solicited money from contractors. And the Council of Clowns have no plans to eliminate such loop holes.


    Finally, the Young administration and his parish attorney office may have catered to the SlabbedNation for favorable PR but just ask the M& M Sistas if their public records requests are being returned at all and the true transparency of current JP government then appears to be still pretty opaque.

  6. Easy to see through this crap especially when you have Fazzio and Caldera’s escapades in contributions pending in 24 Judicial court. Secondly why would they need to solicit what’s already being given if you wanna do biz wit da boys eh as other contractors have openy pointed out ? I’m sure mini me would have choked if asked did Deano the Banana boy solicited any contributions, if the TP had any balls to ask.

  7. TOM: How about illuminating your comment “Fazzio and Caldera’s escapades in contributions pending in 24th JDC” for the benefit of the SlabbedNation.

    Notice that Chrissy Roberts stated” he” never solicited contributions and not that his “office” never solicited contributions.Why the M&M Sista’s didn’t ask if his office ever solicited— I’m sure LargASS would have stated ‘ you all have had your full comment minutes’ which he has used in the past to stop further questioning.

  8. Locemup ,
    I was refering to the Board of Ethics fileing in the 24JDC against Fazzio and Caldera’s douchebagery of creating shell companies to violate maximum state campaign contrabutions , seemed to work well for them.

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