Wednesday Music: Inside edition as dat ol’ cold north wind begins to blow…..

It is no secret that around 3% of the Slabbed nation lives abroad and occasionally you make a connection that is greatly additive to the project via our international wing. Sadly, some of these good people bear the misfortune of living places where the main stream media is completely sold out and/or clueless and they see the tantalizing possibilities sites like Slabbed have to offer thus the attraction. Say no more nudge nudge wink wink as da man could get cross. ūüėČ

So while we all gear up for the fall/winter seasons let’s celebrate the clueless while we read the indicators. :mrgreen:

And now a word from a major Slabbed sponsor, the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish

Hi guys. You folks may remember earlier this month I mentioned a thing or two about a massive public records request I sent late in the spring of this year. So according to the August, 2012 PRR report on file up on the 7th floor of the Yenni Building the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish invested over $10,000 and 240 man hours in this little project and that does not count the 80 or so man hours I spent thus far rolling it out to the public.

So with that set up the disclaimers that this taxpayer subsidy in no way impacted Slabbed’s coverage of the operations of Jefferson Parish government during the bad old days when the Goatherders were running wild no siree. ¬†In fact the people inside the Yenni Building today are workin’ hard to get that mookie stink off the operations of the Parish Government. ¬†The Parish Attorney’s office, for instance welcomes the use of sunshine as a disinfectant and cockroach insecticide when such is applied by the hand of a seasoned professional. Speaking of that, please do not try this at home folks. ¬†When I sent the first bat signal to the Parish Attorney’s office I could tell from the reply that it caused some sort of seismic disturbance inside the annals of the elected aristocracy. ¬†I’m not gonna share my secret as that is what makes the artist formerly known as Sop a seasoned professional but after a fashion everyone emoted and then we joined hands and sang Kumbaya¬†and set sail.

Now at this point I gotta mention none of the people up on 7 want their names mentioned in Slabbed’s coverage as they were simply public servants going about their jobs and I agreed to honor that, especially since being the public face on 7 is Parish Attorney Foshee’s job. ¬†That said I enjoyed working with the gang assigned to the project and in an odd cosmic twist one of the employees assigned to Slabbed had an extensive prior work history with our good friends over at Liberty Mutual, a company we tackled a time or two in the past. ¬†On one visit, when I opened a file that contained an¬†allergen¬†that caused me to cough uncontrollably the gang was kind enough to grab me some water. ¬†Once I entered the room with the records I did not leave said room until the workday was done. ¬†I may be getting old but to paraphrase Hank:

I can dive in bankers boxes all day long and I can stick flounder from dusk til dawn.

Since I was given access to the actual source documents in their marked and numbered bankers boxes I did have to agree to not discuss the¬†redaction’s in the documents as some of them Continue reading “And now a word from a major Slabbed sponsor, the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish”