Time to take a day or two off……

And that’s OK since Slabbed has exactly 5,064 posts counting the 11 on the front page so there is lots of material for those so interested. I mention this because over the course of the last week just over 25,000 peeps visited our little corner of cyberspace viewing over 45,000 posts/pages so some of y’all are bound to be brand new or fairly new to Slabbed New Media. Here is an archival post from 2010 that covers a hometown blast from the past circa mid 1980s regarding arming the contra rebels and the drug trade.

Speaking of 2010, the year Slabbed began tackling the topic of Jefferson Parish Corruption, I did a top 10 list of 2010 posts in terms of page views. It an appropriate link after the week we’ve had here, which supplanted the #1 post from 2010 in terms of site traffic. Back in those days the site was hosted at wordpress.com.

So the weather doesn’t get much better so I’m gonna spilt for a couple of days. Next up Slabbed will be rolling out more Broussard era public documents as we become BrousStar’s December before we join the former Goatherder in Chief in Hollywood. Stay tuned.