Let’s herd a few goats and review

Cover of the latest issue of the New Orleans Levee
Cover of the latest issue of the New Orleans Levee

Folks in my zeal to tell the story of Aaron Broussard and the Goatherders I left out a few details, connections and observations that I think everyone should consider closely. So lets make some connections, one before Broussard took a plea deal and one after he took that plea deal.

Slabbed explores Aaron Broussard’s role in selling overseas investments for Danny Abel, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret as we reintroduce Cerro Coyote SA to the Slabb ~ 9/20/12

In that piece Brother Doug posted the letter written by Carl Eberts aka Brother Carl to Aaron Broussard aka Brother Aaron that Brother Doug obtained via public records request with Jefferson Parish. It conclusively proves that Aaron Broussard sold shares in Cerro Coyote a Costa Rican based business run by Broussard strawmen Danny Abel, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret.

But Brother Carl appears on Slabbed in another spot too as Telemachus posted a few old T-P stories on Brother Carl’s associations with former Jefferson Parish DA John “Brother John” Mamoulides. Telemachus was somehow featured in the SLAPP suit Leary and Perret filed in Nova Scotia against Fox 8 despite the fact Telemachus never commmented at Fox 8. Trust me when Brother Doug sez 3rd world doesn’t adequately describe the Nova Scotia court system when it comes to SLAPP suits. I haven’t forgotten about Brother Tom either as he is there for me to take anytime I want. Lest I digress lets get back to those excellent comments left here by Tele on my post The Slab Nation literally stretches from coast to coast as Truth in Justice tracks John Mamoulides as the reason Telemachus was SLAPPed by Broussard’s business agents in Canada comes into sharper focus:

I’m going to admit I’m having some trouble following the allegations from afar…. but Mamo had at least one prior fling of a scandal involving HUD.

Because I’m a bit tuckered I’m gonna just post these in entirety if that’s ok. A couple notes:

It looks like this is all the work of James Gill when he was on staff, as opposed to jthe op-ed guy we all know now. His experience in JP goes way back.

Jacob Karno is a guy I posted on elsewhere here a while back, the Karno name goes back in the New Orleans mafia and the current Judge Rebecca Olivier is/was (nee) a Karno.


5.12.96 TP:

“”AAA BUILDING A 10-story office tower in Metairie built in 1972 by Jefferson Parish developer Tom Lattie, who later developed two residential subdivisions with Continue reading “Let’s herd a few goats and review”

Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: For Goodness Sake! Don’t let your kid pick apples!

October 18th, 2012
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


There is an apple-picking crisis in America. That’s right. Washington, the largest apple producing state, raises more than half of all apples grown in the U.S. The state is enjoying one of the biggest apple crops in its history, but this year more than 30% of the apples may be left in the fields to rot because there are not enough workers to do the picking.

For many years, the job of harvesting apples, and other fruits has been largely performed by illegal immigrants, primarily from Mexico, and points further south. But recent crack downs on illegals have left apple growers in a lurch, preventing them from fully cashing in on this year’s bumper crop. Located in southeast Washington, Broetje Orchards is one of the largest fruit growers in the world. This year, they have more than 800 job openings, but no takers. The same scarcity of workers echoes throughout the state. The governor is being asked to declare a labor emergency that, under Washington State law, would allow farms to hire prisoners to bring in the harvest.

Sure it’s tough work. But is the pay so low that unemployed Americans won’t take the jobs? Workers picking apples are paid per 1000 pound bin filled, and an experienced worker can pick as much as a bin an hour. This year, a worker is paid on average, $28 per bin. That’s $28 dollars an hour. That’s $224 per 8 hour day. That’s $1120 per 5 day week, or $4,480 a month, and $53,750 a year. Yes, the work is seasonal. But workers often work weekends and longer hours to maximize earnings. Continue reading “Jim Brown’s Weekly Column: For Goodness Sake! Don’t let your kid pick apples!”