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Jason over at American Zombie embedded the following Youtube video over at his place yesterday to illustrate the genius behind the reporter’s methods of telling the story.  It struck a chord with me because despite my best efforts to ignore the upcoming Presidential election I occasionally hear mindless dopes repeating ignorant Mitt Romney talking points about them pesky 47 percenters.  Anyone in Mississippi save a few legacy political hack beneficiaries of the deeds of their corrupt parents that thinks they have anything in common with the man has rocks in their head.  I’m not saying Obama is any less sold out and I firmly believe no matter who is elected we’re headed straight for bankruptcy as a nation.

In any event lets meet some of those 47% in Michigan and wonder why no TeeVee outlet down here has the cojones to tell it like it is.

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  1. The sad part is if you need this type of assurance those statments are out landish it means they win half the propaganda war because you have either lead a very sheltered or selfish life .

    1. “Sheltered or selfish life”

      Yep, and it stems from the nation’s success on the war on poverty. We’ve collectively lost the memories of the great depression and of boom/bust cycles that are produced by unregulated market economies.

      So long as the current generation does not know the experience of going to bed hungry, most will be woefully ignorant on the topic.

  2. Oh the beauty of this blog – we can disagree. At the current pace of trillion dollar deficits and almost double digit unemployment, we need hope and change and Obama is not it. I don’t care how we got here, who’s at fault, who is not telling the truth, etc. If I was CEO of this “company” with this performance over the last four years, I’d be out on my ass. Vote the bums out!

    1. Carpe Diem,

      If we don’t get rid of special interest groups by making serious changes in the electoral process that has caused the 2 party system to fail in Washington and clean up the corruption the only seizing of the day going on will be by the enemy’s of democracy.

      When it takes hundreds of billions of dollars to run for a political office that pays $400K a year in a 4 year term, do you really think the middle class or poor will ever have fair shake ?

    2. At this point it doesn’t matter who will be elected; the country is headed for an economic crash (that really began in 2007 but has been bandaided over since then). Both Democrats and Republicans have grown increasingly fiscally irresponsible (as has the most irresponsible spender of all – the (privately owned) “Federal” Reserve – but nobody wants to talk about them). Democrats have grown increasingly irresponsible with domestic spending and Republicans have grown increasingly irresponsible with tax cuts for the wealthy and defense spending. The economic crisis we are now facing has been 100 years in the making; it began in 1913 with the signing of the “Federal” Reserve bill by Democrat Wilson, reached a new level when Democrat Lyndon Johnson refused to raise taxes to pay for the Vietnam War which in turn began an international rush on U.S. gold which caused Republican Nixon to abandon the gold standard in 1971. Nixon’s abandonment of the gold standard has enabled the U.S. to maintain continuous sky-high foreign trade deficits and governmental deficits which began in earnest with Republican Reagan, who brought fiscal irresponsibility to a whole new level (with the complicity of a Democratic congress). Meanwhile, the “Federal” Reserve keeps printing money so that both Democrats and Republicans can be fiscally irresponsible. So in my book the election turns on other issues, such as who appoints the next Supreme Court justice (do we want Romney appointing another Scalia or Thomas) and who do we trust with the regulation of our food supply (do we want Monsanto’s boy Romney appointing the regulators?), among others.

  3. This station makes the New Orleans traditional news media look
    like a bunch of political shills. I will note that bad economic times
    does tend itself to micro examination of government actions while
    boom times lend itself to everybody looking the other way. So
    why did they fire our local reporter who got in the face of people
    who needed to be confronted? Times are not bad enough here
    in the Big Easy for the media to get to the bottom of local problems?

  4. While Broussard’s cronies raped the parish our meals on wheels experienced the same thing . The real story that I agree our local reporters are soft fail to press is that the funds are available they come from CDBG HUD Grants and the Fed DHH it’s a matter of deliberately under funding. Let me remind the Slabbed Nation that there are 2 pending suits against JP caused by the council blocking Volunteers of America who has the Elderly protective services contract with the state from building a home for the elderly and disabled using the tax credit program on the west bank. In fact Chris Roberts had said publicly that those people are lazy and stupid. One suit is the property seller the other is to force JP to repay HUD all the CDBG grants back for a 5 year or longer period which could be over 60 million dollars.

  5. I told someone yesterday, a Roboma supporter, that it didn’t matter. We drove the bus off the cliff a long time ago, and we are headed toward the bottom. Only the payday loans are keeping us going.

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