NOLA Mystery John goes for a protective order…..

But before I get to that we should all consider why the very public criminal justice system is being subverted into a cesspool of secrecy based solely upon the word of the man who solicited a prostitute. To wit:

Sheriff Garcia,

Attached is a scan of the letter you requested related to the MBI Extortion investigation. The original is on its way via the mail……If you have any further questions please feel free to call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I would be happy to respond to any media requests you may receive related to this case as well. Take care.

Director Larry Zwieg

You see folks at the end of the day there are only a few lawyers around NOLA that “contribute to many charities”, are a “race car driver”, “an attorney”, and “prominent businessman”. It is natural someone like that would have some political pull as we found yesterday but that does not excuse the secrecy for this is not a sex crime, at least not in Florida and per the police report we only have the victims word as there is no evidence “the crime” was ever reported in California, where the alleged perverted acts of sodomy occurred.

That said since the director of the MBI is responding to inquiries helping rule people out I thought to myself, “Hey Doug, Slabbed is media and you got Larry’s contact information and you’re pretty certain of the identity of the mystery John so….. Continue reading “NOLA Mystery John goes for a protective order…..”

Same song different place

Jason over at American Zombie embedded the following Youtube video over at his place yesterday to illustrate the genius behind the reporter’s methods of telling the story.  It struck a chord with me because despite my best efforts to ignore the upcoming Presidential election I occasionally hear mindless dopes repeating ignorant Mitt Romney talking points about them pesky 47 percenters.  Anyone in Mississippi save a few legacy political hack beneficiaries of the deeds of their corrupt parents that thinks they have anything in common with the man has rocks in their head.  I’m not saying Obama is any less sold out and I firmly believe no matter who is elected we’re headed straight for bankruptcy as a nation.

In any event lets meet some of those 47% in Michigan and wonder why no TeeVee outlet down here has the cojones to tell it like it is.