The mystery of the Tranny and NOLA JD Mystery John deepens…..

Terrill Lewis Booking Photo Circa 2/14/2011

First the salient verbiage from the Terrill Lewis arrest report:

The Informant is a race car driver, an attorney, and prominant (sic) businessman in the New Orleans area. The Informant contributes to many charities and is now through verbal, written, and printed communication is maliciously being threatened by such communication an injury to the person and reputation of the Informant. Also Mr.Lewis is maliciously threatening the Informant by exposing him to disgrace and exposing a secret to impute any deformity or lack chastity to another, with the intent thereby to extort money or any pecuniary advantage whatsoever. The informant stated that he has already paid Mr. Lewis $4,000 dollars that were transfered (sic) via a pin number from a Greendot card to another card in which Mr. Lewis re-loaded the money onto another card. The Informant paid this money to keep Mr. Lewis’s silence in releasing the comprising videos and images to the above mentioned people.

And for those so interested the full arrest report itself. (H/T Magnum)

Obviously the universe of suspects is pretty small folks as comments in Slabbed’s first post on this topic illustrated. That said we’re fortunate Secret Agent 99 checked in last night with a clue.  It is an oldie but goodie  as our main man Errol (and the noisemakers) may be able to shed some light on this.  You see folks, Errol is not the type of guy to put a picture in New Orleans magazine of a guy like me standing next to my pickup truck no sir.  You’d have to “contribute to many charities”.  Certainly being “a race car driver”, “an attorney”, and “prominent businessman” would also improve the odds ol’ Errol would want your picture in his magazine. Luckily for everyone Errol published a wonderful pictorial Continue reading “The mystery of the Tranny and NOLA JD Mystery John deepens…..”