Jefferson Parish Corruption Miscellany: The crushing of Mark Titus begins with “Big D” on deck. Henry Mouton gets a cookie

Manuel Torres at NOLA Media Group has the latest on Titus:

Aiming to stay on the offensive in the River Birch probe, federal prosecutors are preparing a new indictment to pile on additional charges – and perhaps add new defendants – as early as Thursday, according to court testimony and sources close to the probe.

Mark Titus, who was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison on a conspiracy charge, is likely to be charged in the superseding indictment, said his attorney, Jimmy Ardoin. In court, Ardoin revealed that prosecutors have given him notice of their plans to file a new indictment soon.

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Presario had the worst news for Team Landfill the other day in a comment left on Slabbed in the extra national resources the Department of Justice is putting in this area as the show down with former George Bush US Attorney Nominee Fred Heebe and his step dad Jim Ward draws closer.  Dominick Fazzio, Chief Financial Officer of all things landfill and reputed mafia capo is up next for his alleged role conspiring with Titus to steal more than a cool million from Garner Services, a company Titus co-owned.

All indicators point to the coming battle and Manuel Torres has all the skinny on this as well as the Public Integrity Team is taking over the Henry Mouton case.  Unlike Titus, this is not bad news for Mouton as he is evidently singing like a canary as Team USA has asked for a sentencing delay for Mouton, who earlier admitted to taking bribes from Team Landfill to influence politicians such as former Louisiana Gov Mike Foster, himself a strong supporter of Bushie’s attempt to install Heebe as the US Attorney in New Orleans back in 2001.

In any event I hope everyone has lots of popcorn on hand to pop while the next act of the show warms up behind the curtain.

9 thoughts on “Jefferson Parish Corruption Miscellany: The crushing of Mark Titus begins with “Big D” on deck. Henry Mouton gets a cookie”

  1. if you are jim letten how do you not resign? this could turn out to be the largest public corruption scandal in state history and letten has been sent to the showers.

    1. It makes sense, due to the proximity to the presidential election, that he wait until year end and go out after Obama’s first term.

      1. yeah, i can not see letten hanging around. i believe this is the second (danziger) big case that DC took over from big jim. has to be humiliating.

    2. You are so right. But alas, the locals think “Big Jim” is doing a great job, the same way his buddy Vitter keeps getting re-elected in overwhelming fashion.

  2. Bada Bing Bada Boom! Titus has become insignificant and will pay the price for his stupidity his use now is an example to the rest. But make no mistake the “A Team” from Washington needs Fazzio not so much for Heebe but for those who took the contributions while making promises. Who knows others could have been wearing wires too besides just Titus ?

  3. Enter into the record a Superceding indictment against Dom Fazzio and his wife, plus Garland Robinette and his wife by the Washington DOJ. You can smell the superceding indictment in the air right now. Letten is gone at the end of the year. He is isolated because none of the federal enforcement agencies like the way Letten’s office operates.

  4. It isn’t just the DOJ that Letten has against him but also the other federal investigatory agencies and others inside his own office who see the writing on the wall and want to be his replacement. The DOJ should just clean house and get rid of 70% of the dead weight in that office. Rumor is he is already planning for his depature at the end of the year.

  5. Not so fast , I am no fan of Mr. Letten but I think it a little premature in any thoughts of his retirment, just saying and remember Perricone takes the heat for the “A Team”.

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