Vandenweghe v The Parish of Jefferson is headed to trial

For true it is folks.  For purposes of this post please do not assume Ms Vandenweghe’s lawyer, Bobby Truitt has spoken with Slabbed on this subject because he hasn’t. That said there is some very interesting street talk over by the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway concerning the witness list in the case, which has not been made public on PACER.  I guess the most impressive name circulating in the rumor mill is Fred Heebe himself along with his lap dog Steve Theriot, who I contend was installed as interim Jefferson Parish Prez after Aaron Broussard resigned in disgrace in order to protect the financial interests in the landfill associated with Louisiana Senate President John Alario aka “Big Dawg”.  Theriot aka “Lil’ Pup” is a political protege of Alario.

In any event all I know for certain is settlement talks in the case have collapsed and the trial date is scheduled for late April, 2013.  After the depositions in this case are taken I’ll see what I can do to nab the transcripts so everyone can get  a peek inside the litigation.

3 thoughts on “Vandenweghe v The Parish of Jefferson is headed to trial”

  1. Absolutely no surprise on this defending the indefensible means throwing out common sense and concern for tax payer money. It’s all about job security making more work for parish attorney’s office and the politico outside buddy firms so all can wallow in the trough, eh?

  2. This vendetta that the Jefferson Parish Council and it’s Administration have toward Anne Marie Vandenweghe is beyond any reasonable person’s understanding.

    WHY and WHAT are these JP Politico Mafioso defending anyway ? … hasn’t Whitmer, Wilkinson and Broussard pled guilty to wrongdoings set forth by Ms. Vandenweghe ?? Hasn’t this retaliation against Ms. Vandenweghe going too far ???

    Obviously their juvenile Soprano wannabe feelings have been hurt so let’s have the JP taxpayers pay for ‘our’ get back … it’s not our money … the fact that HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS will and has been paid to Phelps, Dunbar only to lose in DEFENDING THE INDEFENSIBLE is of no concern to these piss ant thugs…

    This is not right … I know it, you know it and they know it … and it needs to end… NOW.

  3. IMHO there is an element of public outrage with these scum that will not accept plea-bargains (that are no public bargains), prescription (a sly giveaway – not even a bargain), or malfeaseance (LaDart style), misfeasance (Connick style), or obstruction. Further opinion is that outrage should be expected to manifest as some form of spontaneous individual retributions: spitting on, social rejection, anonymous prank-calls, and prehaps even tar & feathering, pillorizing, or lynching in a public place. Watever may be appropriate to the unpunished deeds! You’d have to drink a LOT of liquids just to piss on all of ’em…JUST SAYING…..

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