Meet the thugs that once ruled Jefferson Parish as Slabbed presents TheRiot and the noise makers (Updated)

Very soon I’ll be rolling out a post which will unify former Parish Prez Steve Theriot’s suit against the blogosphere to later Goatherder legal jackassery but before I can do that we must hop in the way back machine to that magical day in February, 2010 when TheRiot sent Anne Marie Vandenweghe home claiming she was playing on the internet during office hours. Slabbed was there real time for all the events since and Theriot’s bald faced public lies concerning same even turned up in my examination of official correspondence from the Broussard Adminsitration.

I mention all this because earlier today I promised the Slabbed Nation deposition transcripts from the case and while we wait on those how about a transcript of the meeting where Theriot, Clem Donelon, Deano Bonano and the rest of Theriot’s band of thugs sent Anne Marie home back in February, 2010. After reading it I think everyone will come to the same conclusion that AMV had by far the biggest sack in the entire room. Click the pic to get the 9 page pdf.


I have been sent the audio file of the entire sad episode and have converted it to a format suitable with Youtube. It is a must hear and is embedded below the jump.

16 thoughts on “Meet the thugs that once ruled Jefferson Parish as Slabbed presents TheRiot and the noise makers (Updated)

  1. These no-good, piss-ant, SOBs need to fry in effing hell! I currently have a Whitmergate rant going through my head. Thanks ‘Gate. I absolutely love how she ends the meeting, I mean pre-disciplinary hearing, I mean disciplinary whatever…
    “NICE JOB DEANO.” (I think I have heard that before…hmmm)

  2. In rereading the emails you linked from the Broussard era stockpile wherein Theriot calls in the Sistas of Satan and the rest of the horde for a meeting re Anne Marie and the Legislative Auditor’s report: has anyone ever seen any such report? That would be a read no doubt…

  3. anyone else getting a little suspicious about why they were SO INTERESTED in what AMV had sent to the Feds from her computer and/or hard drive? Enquiring minds want to know…whatever was the result of the ‘surfing the internet ‘ investigation? Hmmmm

  4. A question i have is why would LaDart deny the public records request? I know the answer is because they are all corrupt sacks of shit. But what is the connection that enables them to get the judge to throw the law out and deny the request? Does anyone think Ms. Vandenweghe filed a complaint with the Judicial Commission? Would she have a case? Would the commission even care?

    1. CONSPIRED RETALIATION … an arbitrary and capricious act of Judicial abuse … it’s just that simple !!! … and Phelps, Dunbar continues to bill and be paid HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS TO DEFEND THE INDEFENSIBLE !!

  5. what a bunch of thugs. more shameful is that pig roberts has 2 scumbag assistants. a hatchet man (deano) and a common street thug who beat a man into a coma (lawson). i am so happy i moved out of that cesspool. ….hard to believe jindal tapped alario for senate president. when alario gets dragged into this mess it will not look good for bobby.

  6. Ms. Vandenweghe should have a statute of her set next to Harry Lee’s . Funny while Young acts helpless Roberts pretends to be upset but the Housing Authority still meets while being baned from parish property, but mini me still has Deano doing his dirty deeds done dirt cheap because Young wants his silence. They teach others to do this crap not just condone it they foster it . There is another long time hanger on parish employee playing with public records that I know of. She used her home computer to to log onto the parish website to send an e-mail back dated, you can’t change the date and clock on the parish computer system but you can on your personel lap top. Same person used that document as well knowingly perjured her self with the assistance of the parish attorney’s office to Cusmono .

  7. Theriot: ” I was a little concerned yesterday when I saw your e-mail about having your computer ( i.e mirrored by U.S. Attorney Office and/or FBI) because we had not mirrored your computer that’s why last nite we went to grab your computer because I was concerned about any possible loss of information”. at page1 ,lines 11-14.

    Truth Serum Translation: We were concerned some sensitive incriminating information was going to get out and after Val Bracy of Fox 8 news cornered and seriously questioned a certain candidate friend of Wilkinson at an election forum we busted your door down in middle of night in retaliation to get control of your computer, scare shit out of you and put an end to your whistle blowing to the Feds.

    Theriot: “I was directed by the U.S. Attorney to make sure that I protect all of those records and documents”. at page 7, line 4

    Truth Serum Translation: I was trying to know about and maybe hopefully lose some incriminating records and documents about certain people that I was directed by the U.S. Attorney to protect.

    Frankly, Mr. Theriot my dear I find your reasoning pretty hysterical

  8. OMG , OMG I think I droped a nut laughing so hard !!! Between Threiot misusing the letter from the DOJ with MAV to justify his abuse flusing out a whistlblower and Broussards dry cry aligator tears and lies just to get the Fed money rolling in so the feast could start , I think I gave my self a damn herna, too much to take in at one time !!!!!

  9. Has the new Team A Fed read this unbelievable transcription and interviewed AMV. It would appear even to a fifth grader that President Theriot was trying to get his personal, little dirty hands on AMV’s computer for nefarious reasons because AMV’s computer was already being mirrored and backed up by the Feds themselves so whywould they need Theriot breaking down a locked door to secure duplicate information the Feds already had.

  10. Hoe come THEriot hasnt been issued a indictement yet? After listening to that tape, he is in the running for capo di tutti capo of douchebags……What a [email protected][email protected]% tool. AMV fed him his shriveled nutsack with some farva beans and a nice chianti…..

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