And upon the hill they planted their flag…….

Trustees approve Bay Tech renovation ~ The Sea Coast Echo

As the shifting story continues to evolve:

Both Bunch and the LNG partners have said their actions were entirely proper and legal and that the so-called “controversy” has been manufactured; and Ronnie Artigues, attorney for the BWSD, said the district was happy because it purchased the property for well under its appraised and assessed values.

Slabbed has learned The Magnolia Group has begun the formalities of commencing civil litigation in this matter.  Slabbed has also learned the Mississippi Real Estate Commission has also opened a formal investigation based upon multiple complaints they have received on this specious, taxpayer funded transaction.

Slabbed will be covering this debacle and related wasting of taxpayer money by the Bay Waveland School Board as events unfold. Stay tuned.

Links to Slabbed’s previous coverage of this matter:

3 thoughts on “And upon the hill they planted their flag…….”

  1. I’m confused. In the paper Ronnie Artigues is quoted as school lawyer yet his comments come across as representing the seller LNG. What am I missing?

  2. JJ you missed nothing except for the fact that Artigues and Rigby have business ties….nothing formal ofcourse just from one hand to another!! Get me?

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