Civil District Court lawsuit filed by Concrete Busters against River Birch terms Trout Point Lodge Ltd. of Nova Scotia a “shell company”

Trout Point Lodge Owners Vaughn Perret, Danny Abel and Charles Leary

They did folks. In fact Concrete Busters amended complaint filed Wednesday against The River Birch Landfill et al unifies several themes we’ve covered here on Slabbed through time. But alas those nasty Goatherders and I have an outstanding  matter in United States Federal District Court in Gulfport before Judge Louis Guirola that my lawyer, Bobby Truitt has me barred from commenting upon. But that does not mean that we can’t let Concrete Busters tell part of that story as I invite everyone to consider the implications for quarter 4 sales for the good folks over at Carmex. Let’s start with this snippet from the beginning of the suit:

Cerro Coyote SA

Of course the good folks at Concrete Busters listed a few more too:

I’d invite y’all to run those names through the search box on the right sidebar because Slabbed has covered them all. But hark there are even more listed as River Birch Landfill co conspirators including Trout Point Lodge Limited of Nova Scotia as we also gain insight into how it plays into the alleged criminal enterprise between the landfill and Jefferson Parish officials including Aaron Broussard:

I personally can’t wait to see all these issues fully fleshed out as the plaintiff’s add a few more characteristics to these shell companies:

This sounds serious but there is even more:

and more:

How does Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and Daniel “Danny” Abel fit into this alleged criminal enterprise?  Perhaps by acting as Broussard’s straw men including engaging in libel tourism filing multiple SLAPP suits to silence constitutionally protected discussion using a foreign jurisdiction with defamation laws that are subject to abuse:

Now if this sounds like one of Eric Paulsen’s dumb criminal stories you couldn’t fault the reader for drawing that conclusion.

There is gonna be more folks as I do not think Aaron Broussard has been completely forthright in his squeal-a-thon with the United States Department of Justice, especially the intersection of the “Legal Department at the Super 8 Motel” on Clearview Parkway to Broussard’s business enterprise in Costa Rica, Cerro Coyote, SA, which a reasonable person would conclude laundered Broussard’s ill gotten gains based upon the written statements of Broussard’s business associates, Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and Daniel “Danny” Abel.  I’m within inches of tying the whole sordid affair together.

Finally Slabbed is thinking of taking on a new sponsor since business will certainly be picking up due to an expected demand surge for Carmex in southern Nova Scotia.  Reader input on that subject is welcomed and in fact encouraged.  😉

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  1. nola/tp links to slabbed! this has to be a first.

    1. They ran away from a factual story and hung their reporter out to dry. I suspect this topic will remain forever toxic over at Advance Media and Fox 8. Speaking of Fox 8, their role assisting Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret in invading the privacy of Slabbed internet commenters using a Canadian court has thus far not been fleshed out on the Slabb but it’s coming too.

      Politics is not the only cesspool going in the City.

  2. Don’t worry Doug I’m sure the TP will plagiarize you more sometime in the future. For now the TP feels more comfortable on doing story lines on others doing story lines that’s how you fill the void with none or little talent .

  3. The UnTimely-and-Picayune is truly miffed about Doug Handshoe having the temerity and audacity to find news which destroys the reputation of TP’s favored thugs, and now seeks to make Doug an “unperson” flung down the memoryhole. The POS Blewboy Broach even this morning was caught in a caper worthy of MinTruth. Even more pathetic is the fact that Blueboy defends the indefensible.

  4. Thank you all. To the extent I can control only what you see here, it is a waste of time to worry with the others. Like I said yesterday I’ve pretty much cut the cord and to the extent I’m telling a much fuller and rich version of this story I’m more than happy to let the reader decide which coverage is better.

    Slabbed will wait for no one.

  5. Let me preface the reason for the link…I was being facetious. “I Will Wait” really means certain individuals at AdvancedMedia/ wait to see what Slabbed writes first before they write their story without attribution.

  6. The real question is this:

    Has Aaron Broussard stopped his illegal activities Ex. using shell companies to silence bloggers?
    If not than I got a real problem with him going to Court for a plea deal.

    1. IMHO the real question is whether he has come clean about his financial relationships with Nipun “Nick” Desai, the owner of the Super 8 and land owner (via his strawmen parents) of land at the resort at Trout Point Nova Scotia.

      Desai has been under a cocaine distribution charge now for at least 2 years that I can determine yet the case never seems to come to trial. According to on record sources (Mr NAAS) Desai was Hugh Sibley’s right hand man, what I would term a “cleaner”. Sibley, you may remember, copped a plea to money laundering for a mexican drug cartel charges.

      God bless America we are a great country but how does an East Indian exchange student become a real estate tycoon in a very relative short period of time? I think the answer to that question is with Mr Sibley.

    1. Hehehehe, that song was a reader suggestion but your point is well taken. If you’ve been with us for a while you’ll also know I really like behavioral economist Dan Ariely, who I think teaches at Harvard these days. There is a concept in the field which is termed ironically enough, “revenge”. It well explains certain irrational behaviors using multidisiplinary techniques that cut across a variety of subject matters.

      Once the endorphins start flowing there is just no tellin’. Now this song I like.

        1. Well then I am truly blessed.

          Somewhere back there in the 26,000 comments left on Slabbed a nice lady named Sally Bourgeois came on here to defend her daughter, who’s name came up in comments.

          I traded emails with Sally and later that day spoke with her on the phone. When we ended that conversation she told me I was “fair”, which I considered a major compliment because that is what I strive for here.

          I’m not a hard man to find, ask Sally.

  7. Really after this series of post I think the only humanitarian thing to is to provide a free link such as this one-

    WARNING: The readers of slabbed have provided this link to help those who have mistakenly believed that fucking with slabbed can be good for their health.

  8. Funny. Of course he reads Slabbed. Anyone who reads boths has known this for a very long time. BUT the question was why don’t you credit slabbed—


    what happened to the link to the concrete busters post?

    12 Hours Ago

  9. Visual art, inclusive of both painting and the written word, is always subject to appropriation by a ‘WANNABE SPONGE’ like Nancy Drew … anyone who is anyone as it relates to this JP scandal drama is reading Slabbbed first anyway !!!

  10. ~ No Guts No Glory ~

    Bard of Avon..dale
    All charter changes should be approved by voters.
    The modified charter should address term limits, with no elected position exceeding two terms. And term limits should apply to being elected into a different political position. For the good of Jefferson Parish.
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    • Reply
    Drew Broach, staff writer
    Point well taken, Bard. Charter already has a two-term limit on president and council, dating from mid-1990s, but it doesn’t forbid seat hopping. All charter changes are subject to voter approval.
    23 Hours Ago
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    • Reply
    Charter changes are subject to voter approval but the public input for those changes is very limited and subject to the parish president’s whim. Why is the TP not asking Mr. Young if he is backing term limits or backing the CFGG on adopting the BGR report recommendations and/or terminating public retirement funding to those convicted of a felony while in office ?
    23 Hours Ago
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    • Reply
    Drew Broach , staff writer
    JPchirper, the administration and the charter board chairman would say anyone may provide input to the charter board and that its meetings are listed on the parish website and open to the public. Email me if you’d like help getting on the agenda. As for Young, the fact that he didn’t include those two groups’ ideas or felon pensions in his presentation to the charter board would seem to make his position clear, eh?
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    21 Hours Ago
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