Garlandfill on my mind: A matter of trust

A billboard featuring Garland Robinette off the Pontchartrain Expressway in late 2011. Photo by Michael DeMocker, The Times-Picayune

Lifers here know the deal but for you newbies I’ll point out that Slabbed broke Garland Robinette’s subpoena to the federal grand jury investigating political corruption way back in November, 2010 with a tease and straight out in March, 2011 (if memory serves). The gang over at the Times Picayune picked up the ball and did some excellent reporting on same as Garland Robinette’s opinions are evidently for sale to the highest bidder.

A few nights ago Fox 8 carried the latest developments with a 100% Team Garlandfill sourced report that rankled some of my readers. In the interest of presenting a complete picture I’d like to present yesterday’s story from the new NOLA Media Group on the same topic by Manuel Torres.

I’m not sure why Robinette wants to continue fleshing this topic out frankly because all the gyrations about there being a “loan” between him and Heebe are based solely on his unsupported assertions and I personally don’t believe a word the man says, especially since St Tammany Parish land and mortgage records did not indicate a mortgage was ever officially filed.

Finally Robinette’s self-serving rationalization about taking the money to build an art studio smacks of the exact type of self-entitled, pompous mindset we regularly skewer here at Slabbed.  In Robinette’s case he violated the public’s trust.

If you’re a newbie I’d encourage you to run Garland Robinette’s name through the search box on the right sidebar to access Slabbed’s prior coverage of this portion of the massive political corruption scandal in metro New Orleans.

10 thoughts on “Garlandfill on my mind: A matter of trust”

  1. Hey Mr. Doug:

    Keep-up the “great” work…I love my fellow citizens and in their defense sometimes they are to busy raising a family and keeping their jobs; that, the influential, political corruption go over their heads and dismissed…

    CORRUPTION has always been around, even in JESUS’S day; however, we must “ALL” (our citizens) start to fight-back and say, “NO MORE!!!”

    You are doing just that, Mr. Doug; and, I applaud your efforts in these matters of very grave consequence to the “Citizens-of-Louisiana”; and, as our taxpayer dollars are very wrongly diverted to a very select few, influential, politicos, self-serving system-of-corruption. Their power-behind-the-throne and intellect has gotten away with it all until now…CODOS, Mr. Doug and again, Thank You for you insite…


  2. Garlandfill Robbin-it constantly runs commercials for First NBC Bank and highlights his good buddy, Ashton Ryan. Certainly, he could have made a legitimate loan through his buddy’s lending institution.

    Here’s the short version. Robinette has been a whore for sale for decades. Back in he day, he was causing a PR headache for Freeport-McMorran, so Jim Bob Moffet made him a deal he could not refuse and hired Garlandfill Jim Bob’s PR problem disappeared. The concept was the same with River Birch: use PR to benefit someone who paid you. He’s a filthy whore, plain and simple. .

  3. Come now my prince ,
    You mean a former news anchor and now 2nd rate local radio show host’s dignity would be for sale as a PR rep to paying sponors, naw do tell eh?

    1. I don’t think River Birch was ever a paying sponsor of WWL Radio, but I could be wrong. Certainly, River Birch could not have paid to have Garlandfill slam a competitor. In fact, River Birch had Garlandfill listed as a “lobbyist.” I agree with the rest of your comment . . . except for the part that suggests Garlandfill has/had any dignity.

      1. My dear Prince,
        Croaks from Garland’s pad may not always be in agreement with management however how he cut them out on the payola you would think should be of concern especialy when his croaks directly reflect upon the stations integrity ? When one lays down with dogs one can expect to get flees, eh?

  4. i suppose the only reason garland is still on the air is the dearth of on air talent in the market. scoot, tommy tucker, spud. these guys have zero talent as radio talkers. just awful. i suppose a bevy of listeners never change the station from wwl.

  5. T/P’s recent journalistic dedication to expounding voraciously on local political corruption is an attempt to convince readers they are responsive press and an objective protector of citizens’ right to know the truths about their government, all as envisioned under the constitution.

    However, reporting on local media payola scandals such as Garlandfill without themselves falling on their own sword and openly admitting their past failings under the Kingship of the Phelps will result in no sincere redemptive qualities or forgiveness by their cancelled subscribers.

    Competition from the Advocate and Slabbed will force the T/P to seek out and report political corruption they would have overlooked in the past and surely banning their staff from champagne lunches with lifetime politicos.

    They have a long way to go for me to even think they have truly reformed themselves but let them prove it in their future investigative reporting.

    Let the Battle of Investigative Media begin and the politico buffalo chips fall where they may.

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