Wednesday Music: Allow me to introduce Tank for the consideration of the Slabbed Nation

It was back in 2004 as I remember on a small cap stock message board far far away when one of my fellow boarders mentioned this guy named Tank. According to board lore when Tank showed up someone was gonna get hurt. Sure enough Tank showed up not long after that and someone got hurt. This one goes out to Tank.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Music: Allow me to introduce Tank for the consideration of the Slabbed Nation”

    1. I do. The board is long dead except for a few lifers that still know how to find it. Steve was there, maybe he’ll jump in. Russell was around about a year later for the now infamous Davichy tirade on the old IES board, another stock that has since gone extinct.

      That said Tank is gone but still has a small cyber footprint. You remember PENN? Tank was ass deep in that one and according to board lore after he hit the jackpot he retired to Key West.

      1. yeah, i owned penn for a year or so before slots. got bored and sold before the big run. back then the conference calls were mostly private investors complaining about the food at the track.

  1. THIS IS GOING TO GET GOOD…………………………………………………………………….,0,147170.story

    A Central Florida traveling male escort accused of trying to extort $100,000 from a former high-profile client was arrested at the Mall at Millenia authorities said.

    The victim is not named but described as a “race-car driver”, “an attorney” and a “prominent businessman” in the New Orleans area.

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