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  1. The “A Team ” ordered special crying towels and confessional knee pads embossed with AB just for the occasion.

    1. But very little of what Broussard says is true, so how could his squealing be reliable? He’d better have some documents, photographs, videos, etc. because his word alone ain’t worth shite.

    2. Hey Guys:

      You all are “right-on” with ol’ Air-on (Broussard)…Politics has always been the demise of Louisiana.

      Has anyone of you folks been also following the “Dirty Deeds” programs by Fox 8 and Lee Zurick? Mr. Caldwell has received “campaign contributions” from todays heirs of Huey Long’s old-scheme…Mr. Caldwell has to render a “vertic” soon, as to STOP the heirs royalties or let them again get away with our money again; i.e. STATE Leases (12-oil-and-gas State Leases) awarded in 1934 to themselves (Long, Allen, Noe and Burton=front-man) totalling some 2,000,000 acres of land and waterbottoms for pennies. Should not this today or back then breech all “fruiduciary duties” while in Public Office? Whether it is now-or-back-then it is FRAUD!!!

      Mr. Jindal has also received “campaign contributions” from Lawton, Sr., Lawton, Jr., Lawton family members and 5-6 of Lawton compaines for some $35,000.00+ dollars; and, his wife Charity did also…

      Not only the Lawton’s are involved with Mr. Caldwell and Mr. Jindal, et al, but the Long Law Firm, the Jones Walker Law Firm (look at Joseph Jones of 1922), Long Properties, Inc. (a Virgina Company of R. Long) and on and on…All heirs to a $1.5+ billion dollar scheme of LOUISIANA CITIZENS MONIES…WOW! Could that not help our schools, teachers and our infurstructure as a whole???

      So, therefore, the “CITIZENS-of-LOUISIANA” need to, flood-with-a-tidal-wave of responses to: YES=CITIZENS (STATE) and NO=for Heirs, the offices of Attorney General Caldwell and Governor Jindal and let them know that we (the Citizens-of-Louisiana) are NOT going to stand for these injustices any longer. To END-it-HERE-and-NOW!!! STOP the present heirs from receiving more of “Gravy-Train”, do-nothing, fraudulent and wrongful money laundering from their cronie, unethicial, elected relatives heirships…


      Dawn Lewis

      1. Dawn,
        On what legal premises do you want Caldwell to file in court since multible of is predecessors, govenors and mineral board members found no legal wrong doing .

        1. Mr. Tom:

          Hi! I am no attorney, but this has been up for debate four (4) times; and, each time the “politicos” won. In 1996-97 AG Richard Ieyoub did not accomplish (campaign contributions from heirs also) his duty when Texaco got away with 150-250 million dollars in settlement (a big part of this settlement, the heirs are still getting royalties from; as, they contain the State Leases from the Long gang). He (AG Ieyoub) was suppose to settle for several billion! WHAT HAPPENED=POLITICAL CONNECTIONS and INFLUENCE??? YES!

          JOE citizen has not really had a chance until NOW…I love this subject and personally have Governor Allen wanting “cash” instead of a “cashiers check” from Burton (Have copies of checks as well in 1935, not 1936…as the politicos would have you to believe. A “BIG” difference in accountability.) This is so “grossly FRAUD”…Breech of Public/FIDUCIARY Duties while in an elected public office…This happened when Allen was Governor and actually awarded this State Lease to Burton for 570,000 acres and the Win or Lose Corporation (basically all Long, Allen and Noe’s company). When the public found-out they dropped this State Lease for ten $10.00 to Burton. That alleviated the crime and nothing was ever done. WHY? To much “POWER” in the wrong places, for the Citizens/State well being!!! However, they still owned 11 more State Leases (that I know of), which in five and on-half (51/2) years alone reaped the Huey Gang $700 + million dollars (196_ to __ ).

          Earlier on AG William “Billy” Guste came up with the same problem; and, stated that Senator Russell B. Long was to “powerful” to touch!!! Dropped all considered legalities…POLITICAL INFLUENCE? YES!

          In 1951, The Win or Lose Corporation (created in 1934), now the Independent Oil and Gas Company voluntarlly went out-of-business, settled out-of-court; however, all the interests was still liquidated into the individual heirs hands…;and, early on Huey, Allen, Noe and Burton were investigated, but no wrong doing was found. NOTE: Huey owned the SUPREME COURT on down, an no one was going to touch him as well. All these accounts are all for the influential few and politicos side. NEVER has the CITIZENS/STATE-of-Louisiana been awarded their rightful payments into our economy. STOP these “ROYALTIES” of the last 75-80 years from going and has always been going into the wrong hands…POLITICAL INFLUENCE? YES! (Note: No longer a company; just individuals)…

          Mr. Tom, this FIFTH (5th) time would re-write history the way if should have been written in the first place. Dispite all these political arenas. ATTORNEY GENERAL CALDWELL can find plenty-of-unlawful-issues to STOP these influential heirs from receiving these unjustified royalties once and for ALL-TIME; if he and GOVERNOR JINDAL do the right thing and prosecute! I want to believe in our Judicial System and Law; and, believe there is plenty to be found, if one desides to look for them…POLITICAL INFLUENCE? Hopefully=NO!!! The CITIZENS are smarter now…

          Now, Mr. Tom, after review of this very brief display of what I know; and, again, I am no attorney, but what are your thoughts…From one of Fox 8 “Dirty Deeds” shows, it seems that an attorney from N.O. wants to take this case on for the State…Would anyone stick their neck and own expense out, if there were not a case against the wrongful heirs? Thank You, Mr. Tom for your thoughts!

          Dawn Lewis

          1. Dawn,
            I am not saying it’s right and would be the first to jump for joy to see this crap over turned. But in looking into this priviously when Mr. Rousell filed his lawsuit back in the 80’s on behalf of the public the courts not only ruled aginst him but created an Estoppel by and through the then LA. Attorney General , Governor and mineral board members . Any new trial would have to be ruled on by the laws of those times back in Huey’s days and there were no laws that would apply to be broken that would overturn the ownership.

  2. I’m waiting for the other Aaron Broussard shoe to drop which is the listing of all the other entities he has an interest in that haven’t been publicly disclosed.

    1. You mean like those entertainment LLCs Dave Sherman set up for him to capitalize on the movies being made in Elmwood? If so stay tuned because I nabbed the last document dump today and it has some good stuff in it.

  3. Hey Mr. Tom:

    Thank You! Yes, I know a little about the Rousell case. He wanted $53 million dollars on behalf of the State; however, the Judge ruled that he couild not sue the State and would have to sue the individual heirs. He settled out-of-court, because Senator Edwin Edwards (Rousell’s attorney) did some lobbying for Mr. Rousell and Rousell receive $3 million dollars for himself. Nothing to the Citizens of the State. The State suit was forgotten about…

    Rousell was at one time in business with James A. Noe. When Noe, et al became so successful through their State Leases, Rousell was out-done that he was not offered to be a part of the oil-and-gas business with them. This was his retaliation…said he owned a part of the leased land (B.S.).

    Still believing in a “HIGHER POWER” to came forth and overturn these wrongdoings once and for all. The STATE needs the money. As the Fox 8 reports that the heirs live in 22 different States. They are not even spending their royalties here in Louisiana, except for “Campaign Contributions!”

    If what you say is correct, then overturn anyway; and, let that N.O. Attorney give it a honest try. GOD knows he is up against “money people” with deep pockets; and, he has everthing at risk. He must have some sort of angle/Law to get him in the picture. A hopeful citizen. Be well, Mr. Tom.

    Dawn Lewis

    P.S. YES, Mr. Broussard is going down!!!

  4. Dear Dawn,

    The theme of this tread is AARON BROUSSARD … the legal legacy BS your regurgitating is just that, historical corruption BS … do yourself a mental favor and let it go … nothing will change regarding that matter … PERIOD !

    1. Hi Mr. Whitmergate:

      Yes sir, i stand corrected. Arron Broussard is the subject; and, the subject is the same. CORRUPTION!

      I went to school with Arron’s first wife Pat; and, they had three children together. Why don’t you look into what Kenner is still paying him from a long-time ago service. My father also knew Mr. Broussard; and, though my Dad is no longer with us, he would not recogonize the wrongdoings of Arron. What is right is right; and, all wrong can be righted, if one, many want to try.

      The trouble with our society today is that they only see today. The State and it Citizens are still getting the raw end of the deal, whether it be with Arron, the Longs, et al. People just cannot forget about history; and, this history will be re-written…No…B.S.! PERIOD! WATCH and LEARN, Mr. Whitmergate; and, Thank You for your reply! Take care,

      Dawn Lewis

      1. I agree with you 100%. This is all about corrupt politicians enriching themselves and their families for generations.

        1. Hey Sock:

          Thank You! I have done a lot of research on the subjects. i am no attorney; but, darn-it something needs to be done, once-and-for-all…Our STATE is suffering, even more than the other States. Mr. Caldwell and Mr. Jindal’s decision will make a great impact, should they rule to prosecute. Again, THANKS for your support. Take care,


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