34 thoughts on “The MIA DA joins with “Scott Free” and friends endorsing Julie Quinn for Jefferson Parish Judge”

    1. No surprise they missed the spelling error. Oh my LMAOROTF. These cowboys really cannot shoot straight. Oops, double entendre times 2…

  1. Can’t be, Paul is still alive after all these years ? Dutchie’s a great ventriloquist his hand is still up Paul’s ass, better check for a heartbeat remember it’s Halloween after all.

  2. The ghost of Martha Sassone appears. Julie Quinn will make Sassone look like jurist of the year. She is arrogant and obviously feels entitled to this position. God help us all if she gets elected.

  3. “Executive Campaign Finance Committee: …Elton Lagasse…John Young”…seriously? You know that committee won’t be “meeting.” What a bunch of Ass-clowns!

  4. ” We know Julie will hit the ground running when she takes the bench….” as per letter. The only thing I know that hits the ground running is Montezuma’s revenge.

  5. Umm, does anyone else out there remember Ms. Quinn’s public official comment post-Katrina when she angrily asked how a measly couple hundred thousand dollars would help out the folks like her who had flooded houses on Northline in Old Metairie. And SHE is in touch with the average hardworking stiff on the street? Yeah, she’ll be a fabulous district court judge in Jefferson Parish. Can’t wait.

  6. This letter is proof positive evidence that GretnaMentality is alive, well and flourishing in THE CESSPOOL of corruption known as Jefferson Parish … the Jefferson Bar is a continuing disgrace to this region, state and nation … the lagacy of Porteous, Green, Bodenheimer, Chehardy haunts us still …

  7. Same poster on Nola says they broke up declares Mr. Young to be a male snow white, clean from all that JP politico corruption why he dumped her .

  8. Holy Black and Blue Batman. Who has the balls to run as a candidate against Julie knowing Ed is going to put the WOMAC on them and they’re going to get caught in the NETWORKING of Bruce Netterville with buddy, Lawrence ” Privilege To Have Served You” Chehardy

  9. I am astounded at the misspellings (sincerely, Daryl Higgins’ name) and generally poor formatting of this letter. Julie Quinn is a complete imbecile and the people of Jefferson Parish had better not be bamboozled this time around by yet another of the Gretna mentality’s selection for judge being crammed down our throats.

    And, what should incense people even more is the gall of Walter Reed and Scott Perilloux, DA’s from other parishes, having the audacity to think their opinions even fucking matter. So what, Julie Quinn was the state rep from their districts. That hardly qualifies her to be a judge.

    It was rumored that JQ would run for the vacated seat of Judge Pat McCabe against Mike Mentz, a qualified trial attorney. She thought better of that. Now, she gets to run against Hillary Landry, who was a trial attorney with the DA’s office. Competence over who you know all day long!

      1. she is calling people in the community saying that she does not have an opponent.
        she is going to get annihilated by this LAndry woman.

  10. Right on CD – I’m laughing at the assertion that this spawn of Bruce Unangst heading up Jud-A’s “docket” equates to handling a 24th JDC docket. It’s priceless to see them try to dress up this ditz as either experienced or qualified to be a judge.

    1. From a reader:

      This has got to be one of the stupidest campaign letters I’ve ever seen……It is premised on the “fight against crime.” Was Julie Quinn ever a DA or AUSA? Her record seems to reflect that she did only corporate/municipal/insurance defense work with Deutsch-Kerrigan, McGlinchey-Stafford and Hailey-McNamara. The scant bit of litigation experience she has was in the civil arena, not the criminal one. Maybe she was a cop and we just did not know about it. But WTF background does she have in the legal system in the “fight against crime”?

      Now let’s examine her “experience and knowledge of the law.” Has Ms. Quinn ever tried a criminal case as a lawyer? Let’s go one step further. Has Ms. Quinn ever tried a civil jury trial? A Westlaw search of Ms. Quinn results in a grand total of 2 published opinions (in which she was a lawyer, as opposed to a litigant), and neither of those resulted from actually trying a case.

      So what these learned District Attorneys are saying is that being in the State legislature and maybe being a part of enacting some criminal laws qualifies one to be a judge and preside over felony jury trials?

  11. SLAP + DAT + JM ( as JY’s CAO) + JMB as 24thJDC CJ = BQC w NE

    SLAP = State Legislative A Politician
    DAT = District Attorneys’ Tout
    JM =Jacques Moliason ( as John Young’s CAO)
    JMB as 24thJDC CJ = Jacques Moliason’s Brother as 24th JDC Chief Judge


    BQC w NE = Best Qualified Candidate with No Experience

  12. Deja vu … think Debbie Villio … I can see it now … the TV commercial …Julie looking at Noodle … all goo-goo eyed as they walk down the hall of the faux Gauthier Courtroom talking tough about crime …

    Well Julie, one thing’s for certain as a consolation … after you lose, Noodle Normand will fix you up with another teat government job at his disposal compliments of the JP taxpayers he displays so much contempt for …

  13. The names attached to this letter read like a mouseketeer roll call of douchebaggery………that and the fact shes barely qualified to be dog catcher means she will probably win in a landslide…..what a joke…..

  14. From her facebook page :
    Good morning! The Quinn household, for the first time ever, kept power through Isaac. Some relatively minor storm damage – downed iron fence, knocked off outdoor water spiggot so water shooting out for at least 2 days now, plants destroyed, water leaks, etc. On the plus side, my boys and I got to spend some solid, uniterrupted quality time together with no tv, albeit sometimes scary! How did everyone else fair?

    Quote of the weekend while visiting 12 year old Spencer: “Mom, I’m so glad you are here visiting but I’m also kind of bummed because there was this conference on World Politics that I wanted to go to.”

  15. Personally perplexed as to why Max Nathan of all people felt a need to endorse this bimbo.

    Also, where’s Bodenheimer’s bud, Beeverboy?

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