BREAKING: I knew it! Someone sang The Morning After backwards in front of Julie Quinn.

As I predicted folks Julie Quinn and John Young are on the outs (again) but unlike the South Park Episode, “The Succubus”, Julie did not return to the underworld no siree.  You see folks in Louisiana such creatures run for office instead.

Just in case can one of y’all remix this in reverse? Thanks.

10 thoughts on “BREAKING: I knew it! Someone sang The Morning After backwards in front of Julie Quinn.”

  1. Lil’ Nap was also reportedly on the outs with Karen but after he was re-elected by the Westbank they reunited in matrimonial bliss at his swearing in ceremony.

    Karen. imitating a sucker fish attached to a LEMON shark, was appropriately rewarded with lots of loving $$$$$$ at the taxpayers expense.

    History tends to repeat itself among the history ignorant sheeple of JP.

  2. JULIE QUINN, as CEO of Orleans Shoring AND a SENATOR, abused her political position by enacting legislation with a SELF SERVING AGENDA.
    She wants to be a JUDGE?
    I wouldn’t want her living in my neighborhood, much less donning a robe in a COURTROOM.
    She can’t even decide what to do with her OWN LIFE….She wants authority over other’s?
    JULIE QUINN HAS GOT TO GO ~!search/profile/person?personId=1713999817&targetid=profile

  3. The big black seasoned molASSes pot calling the tea kettle black:

    In regards to Prez Young enacting Charter changes giving the Prez more power after next Prez and Council election El TON LagASSe sayth,” I think his ego is getting to him” This from the man who has invented his personal nouvelle rap LagASSian parlimentarian rules.

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