BREAKING: I knew it! Someone sang The Morning After backwards in front of Julie Quinn.

As I predicted folks Julie Quinn and John Young are on the outs (again) but unlike the South Park Episode, “The Succubus”, Julie did not return to the underworld no siree.  You see folks in Louisiana such creatures run for office instead.

Just in case can one of y’all remix this in reverse? Thanks.

How many convicted felons did Ashton Phelps endorse as publisher of the Times Picayune? A peeksie at why he had to be packaged out.

Here you go folks, the reason former Times Picayune publisher Ashton Phelps had to be canned is ironically contained in the editorial that heaped praise on his tenure there as publisher:

For more than 32 years, Publisher Ashton Phelps Jr. has been listed at the top of The Times-Picayune masthead on the editorial page. Newspaper editorials are written by a team, but Mr. Phelps has been ultimately responsible for our opinions. He has set a high standard, pushing for honesty and integrity in government and demanding the best for the community he loves.

Perhaps the reason Ricky Mathews has kept a low profile was that Ashton Phelps was still around, evidently unseen. I can’t wait to hear the next anti Mathews tirade from Errol and the noisemakers.

The last issue of the old Times Picayune: Aaron Broussard excoriated on the editorial page.

Times Picayune pundit Jarvis DeBerry normally writes on issues we do not cover on Slabbed but I read just about everything he writes in his columns.  That said Jarvis has been burdened with a secret since just before Hurricane Katrina concerning the former Goatherder-in-Chief and he let it all out yesterday and then some.  He conveys a simple truth that Broussard was far more than an accomplished con man as he was also a thug despite the phony emotional displays on national Tee Vee after Hurricane Katrina.

Jarvis’ column paired nicely the Editorial Board’s River Birch’s money spoke loudly in Louisiana: Editorial. Somewhere in my memory banks I seem to remember that money extends to the coast as well.  I’ll have more on that when the time is right.

Finally on Saturday the gang chimed in with this piece on Barry Bordelon’s return to the Jefferson Parish Housing Authority as councilman at large Chris Roberts engages in his favorite pastime: Grandstanding. It’s a councilmatic thing evidently.  😉

Something tells me this will be a big week here on Slabbed.