I have sources that are insisting Fred Heebe will never go to jail

Did anyone notice Big Fred’s 60th birthday party at his palace on St. Charles last Friday? I bet it cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars to throw. A drop in the bucket when you have River Birch. That public display of extravagance was a direct middle finger to the US Attorney’s Office and an indirect middle finger to the people of Waggaman who are dying and to the tax payers of Jeff Parish.

Reader comment on the first installment of the excellent 6 part NOLA.com expose on the River Birch Landfill.

Luckily for the Slabbed Nation a reader happened by Fred’s mansion late last week when the party was setting up and he sent me a few pictures. First the portable power plant to power the party tent:

Setting up for the Heebe birthday party last week at the mansion on St Chas / Photo Courtesy of a reader

And the party tent itself:

The Heebe birthday party tent in front of the Heebe mansion on St Chas / Photo courtesy of a reader

28 thoughts on “I have sources that are insisting Fred Heebe will never go to jail”

  1. Middle finger to Jim Letten is an understatement.

    While I have been a big supporter and fan of Letten until recently, his lackluster prosecutions have rendered him completely ineffective. To charge Broussard and company with multiple count indictments, then allow pleas to what amounts to a criminal misdemeanor is a joke. We can only hope that the judges presiding over these various cases will send these completely arrogant scumbags away for a long time. Otherwise, Jim Letten has wasted valuable taxpayer resources, which really makes him no better than the thieves who were bribed or stole money from the taxpayers. So, Jim, quit pontificating about us taxpayers and “do your job.”

  2. Heebe may have power in Louisiana but he does not have the federal clout that WM, BFI, Allied, and others do who have been locked out of Louisiana and parts of S. Miss. Those companies will ensure that Heebe/ward & River Birch are either arrested out of business or regulated out of business. Either way look at that party as nothing more than one of a series of farewell parties. This isn’t about Letten’s office and never has.

    1. Your comment is well-reasoned, except for the last sentence. While it’s not all about Letten’s office, some of it is. The parties who conspired to give Heebe this fraudulent contract with JP (Broussard, Whitmer, Wilkinson, etc.) all were given sweetheart plea deals. And coupled with the Perricone debacle, this makes the U.S. Attorney appear weak and compromised going into the big game, even if big DOJ is handling River Birch.

      An analogy we can use here is the bravado some civil lawyers display when trying to negotiate a settlement. Let’s say the plaintiff’s lawyer never backs off of his one-million dollar demand until right before trial. Then he caves and settles the case for $5,000 dollars. Will he then hold a press conference saying he has achieved a victory? That’s exactly what I saw in Letten’s presser on the courthouse steps yesterday. I am a taxpayer in JP and I have been thoroughly disgusted watching Letten’s office cut deal after deal with scumbags who stole from the taxpayers. I don’t care who the ultimate “big fish” is.

      Letten read too many of his own press clippings and his head got too big. And to be taunted by a thieving troll like Aaron Broussard from the courthouse breezeway is just embarrassing.

      1. Spot on. This is no different that the chucklehead, Sean Alfortish, who went around town telling people he “really didn’t steal.” The AUSA called his bluff and threatened to withdraw the plea deal. Letten, if he had any nuts after that display of arrogance by Broussard, should say “Deal off, sorry, Mr. Broussard, but we are going back to ground zero.”

  3. Wilkerson, Broussard, Witmer’s years of corruption will provide benefits to them for the rest of their lives with their outrageous pension benefits. Yet, they will only get a slap on the wrist. Thanks to Letten’s office, the community now knows that crime does pay especially in J.P.

    1. cityofno…your comment: “Thanks to Letten’s office, the community now knows that crime does pay especially in J.P.”

      SPOT ON COMMENT. What this also signals to the current bunch of Jefferson Parish politicans who haven’t been caught yet is…look at this , Broussard, Whitmer, & Wilkinson stole bunches, abused their power, and dissed the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish…and little , if anything , is happening to them..so, guess we will just keep on keepin on the way we are in good ole Jefferson Parish.. appartently, crime DOES pay.

  4. Sop … among the 120 guests was the piglet, Lawrence Chehardy, Jr. … so while you’re researching the assessment rolls over in JP, you might want lto look up some Heebe/Ward/Sneed property for their assessed values …

    Oh … I almost forgot .. that while Rome is burning, Freddie had chandeliers hung In the tents so that his dinner guests could see the shining silver and sparkling crystal … If only we could have had a T-P testament of.such an occasion by Millie Ball …

  5. I also have River birch. Well actually I have a River Birch. It is in my back yard. I might have room for that tent in my back yard, but I would have to cut down the River Birch to get it to fit in.

    Crime pays at the upper end. If they ever do throw you into the slammer its as likely to be on some sort of political charge where you made to much noise and bucked the system.

  6. Who ever said Heebe was the only Big Fish or the final act of the DOJ ? Remember I said Broussard would chirp and that will lead to bigger fish than Heebe, I also said Jennifer would ultimately betray her husband to save her self. The “A Team” from Washington has it’s own political agenda separate from Letten and more closely reflects the Democratic party’s agenda in a GOP state. So again food for thought , who goes to the trouble of setting up shell companies to violate state campaign contribution laws if they did not have knowledge beforehand that the recipient would know who the money came from and that the bribery would work ? Or as Mr. Handshoe says “Follow the money” .

  7. DOJ public integrity Dominick Fazzio prosecutors will NOW get GUILTY FELONS, Broussard, Wilkinson, Whitmer,Mouton IN THE SAME ROOM WITH DOMINICK FAZZIO. Fazzio and Leeman realizing Fazzio no longer has any leverage to give up RB, Freddy, et. al. cause Broussard, et. al. provided “knowledge of other crimes” naming Freddy, et. al. so Fazzio caves and DOJ gives Broussard, et. al. immunity for “other crimes” so Fazzio then gets immunity in a plea deal with DOJ and Freddy, et. al., Jennifer, Ward and possible Foster, Tauzin and other Jeff council get indicted.

  8. the personality cult that “big jim” has is not that hard to believe considering the past clowns in his position. i agree with tom that heebe is a political target. if heebe goes down the first item would be “former W nominee convicted” followed by the relationship between money raiser “friend” and “good man” fred and team jindal. …speaking of the doj and political agendas, why hasn’t holder released the canal street brothel johns list?

  9. WTF are some of you people talking about … Letten is THE Court Jester … and he’s pissing on your parade of possible prosecutions some other imagined big fish …

    Heebe going to jail ? … he’s fucking not even going to be indicted … Fred is a very BIG fish who will be anointed with the title “unindicted co-conspirator” … he’ll corroborate the criminal acts of the very same people his money corrupted … and like Morial in the Johnston Controls case, Heebe will continue to influence his ilk …

  10. The price per head of pig is predicted to skyrocket . So eat up species Heebia jeebiae and guests and satiate yourselves to the max at the trough as you’ll might bring a nice price on market day at Letten’s Butcher Shop.

  11. Correction: Apologizes to SOCK and GEOFFREY. Letten’s Butcher Shop was purchased recently by the A TEAM a specialized team of blade men who slice through pig carcasses with the greatest of ease and present only the choicest Grade A cuts to the counterman expert, Head, who judges the meat and puts the price tag on.

    An the older ones with excessive marbling when aged properly usually bring a hefty tag.

    1. #11. this party blows. let’s go down the street to the houghtailing’s eyes wide shut party.

      #12 i wonder how much fred is paying perricone to live blog his party.

      #13 jennifer, why is your neck bruised?

      #14 dude, did you open your tip envelope? mine has a $50 and a $5000 check in my name payable to the david vitter campaign.

      #15 fred, your grand daughters are precious.

      1. A reader sends word that Magnum, Wifey and daughter were outside the mansion last Sunday wearing matching robes having pictures made. He is such a ham. 😉

  12. The next shoe to drop on the Heebe/Ward monopoly is Ray Nagin who will be cooperating with the Feds once his plea deal is officially cut. Waste Management is a fortune 500 company with a lot of mafia influence which is who is driving the DOJ bus right now at 90 miles an hour while Heebe is on a scooter doing 20. Ray Ray burned WMI pretty bad post-K and his testimony is going to be huge. Also hearing about possible indictments in Terrebone & LaFourche Parish plus a member of the Catholic Church who took in a considerable sum of money from an unnamed donor but accidentally didn’t report it to the IRS.

    1. the rev nguyen deal was touched on in yesterday’s river birch piece…..i think you are right that WM has a vendetta against river birch and want to see them go down. RICO.

  13. What companies have the political muscle to make the DOJ hammer River Birch:
    1. Waste Management
    2. Veolia Environmental
    3. IESI-BFC Ltd. (owners of The Recycling Foundation & SDT)
    4. Acadian Waste/Waste Pro
    5. Waste Connections Inc out of Cali who entered into La market in 2010.
    6. Allied Waste (BFI which was pushed out)

    Payback is a bitch and payments River Birch recieved will be paid back once more of this comes to light. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another RICO case or two filed by some of the largest waste management companies against River Birch and the municipalities who kicked them out of business in Louisiana. The political weight these companies carries far exceeds the miniscule political power that Louisiana exudes on the federal level. Obama could get rid of Vitter, Jindal, and Landrieu all in one fair swoop.

  14. Certainly gives one to pause about other criminal investigation threads in other parishes will likewise not play out.

  15. Nice source Doug! Spot on as usual…

    Cant wait to see how they start really raping and pillaging now that they have the Fed seal of approval that they are above the law….

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