Slabbed checks in with the Legal Department at the Super 8 Motel to present the latest Goatherder jackassery

Let’s start with this story by Allen Powell, Plaquemines School Board finance director indicted on theft charge.

The finance director for the Plaquemines Parish School Board has been indicted by a grand jury in connection with the theft of more than $46,000 from the school system.

Joyce Green, 50, 5148 Oak Bayou Road in Marrero, was charged with two counts of theft of more than $500 and one count of malfeasance in office by a Plaquemines Parish grand jury on Thursday, said District Attorney Charles Ballay.

Green is accused of asking a finance clerk to issue three checks for a total of about $77,000 in May for work she said she had completed. However, Ballay said that Green, who received two payments but not the third, was not entitled to the money, and that the school system has no record that she completed the work.

And now Abel spins that into the following defamation fantasy: Continue reading “Slabbed checks in with the Legal Department at the Super 8 Motel to present the latest Goatherder jackassery”

Another Trout Point deed from Nova Scotia Canada, done dirt cheap as Calhoun buys in too

Makes sense that one of Danny Abel’s old class action legal associates from the tobacco days would show up with a deed. Notice the absence of the legalese “and other good and valuable consideration”.

From the world wide headquarters of Slabbed New Media, a tweet. :-)

If I had a hammer
I’d hammer in the morning
I’d hammer in the evening
All over this land
I’d hammer out danger
I’d hammer out the warning….

Well I’ve got a hammer…… Continue reading “From the world wide headquarters of Slabbed New Media, a tweet. :-)”

Bay Waveland School Board Minutes add color to the purchase of the old Bay Tech building

Last week’s post on the questions raised by real estate deeds and other public records surrounding the FEMA funded purchase of the old Bay Tech Building on Second Street from 3 politically connected local business people unfortunately contained more questions than answers.  Today I think we can answer those questions and peg the exact date the flip to the School District occured but first let’s visit with that first post Court documents raise questions about Bay-Waveland School District’s purchase of the old Bay Tech Building so everyone is on the same page:

You see folks the Bay Tech building flooded from Katrina and to my knowledge was never fixed.  To buy it meant planning had to be done so surely we have other clues to help us hone in on a date.  The June minutes have nothing of interest to note but the May 14, 2012  Board minutes contained an interesting blurb paying local architects for design work on a new administration building (Page 13).  Given the payment application number and amount I imagine this was for a brand new building, not Bay Tech but for now I’ll leave that as an open question.

The documentary records from the MLS and the Deed indicate the listing agent sold the property to herself, son and her son’s business partner for $325,000 on June 8, 2012.  Additionally press reports indicate the local school district bought the building less than 2 months later for $580,000.  School Board minutes indicate negotiations began after the July 16, 2012.

I called Mr Bill Washburn, owner of Magnolia Group for comment and he confirmed the sale, sales price and listing realtor.

Implied but not said in that first post was the selling agent, Ms Mary Bunch did not notify her client she, along with her son and her son’s business partner were the purchasers of the property.  I would like to clear that up by stating Mr Washburn tells Slabbed he was not notified of the clear ethical conflict inherent to the transaction. Continue reading “Bay Waveland School Board Minutes add color to the purchase of the old Bay Tech building”

Jefferson Parish Corruption Omnibus: Today Aaron Broussard put his hand on a bible and admitted he is a filthy sack of crap

Aaron Broussard’s property managers Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary of Trout Point Lodge

For true folks he did as Drew Broach reports for NOLA media group on the former Goatherder in chief’s appearance today before Judge Head. We await the factual basis.

Worth noting in Broach’s report is this tidbit that is well worth repeating now:

Besides Broussard and his attorney, Robert Jenkins, U.S. Attorney Jim Letten and Metropolitan Crime Commission President Rafael Goyeneche were also in the courtroom. Letten has credited commission with helping the investigation.

This is today. But what were the Goatherders telling a gullible Canadian public days after their SLAPP suit against me was made official by Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Suzanne Hood on the Trout Point Lodge Blog (now deleted)? It is an interesting compare and contrast:

On January 6, 2010, in what appears to be a classic example of gotcha journalism, an investigative reporter for New Orleans Fox 8 TV News named Val Bracy arranged to interview Broussard on camera related to the investigations. What she did not tell Broussard was that the President of the Metropolitan Crime Commission–a state-funded Crime Stopper Organization–provided Bracy with access to a complaint letter against Broussard that the Commission was sending that day to the Louisiana State Ethics Administration, which oversees the conduct of public officials.

The complaint letter raised, among other things, an allegation from anonymous, confidential sources that Broussard owned a “lodge” in Nova Scotia that he had rented to government contractors. The complaint never mentioned Trout Point Lodge. The implication was that he had committed ethical and/or criminal violations by using his Nova Scotia property in behind-the-scenes money transactions with government contractors, ie, kick-back or “pay to play” schemes. For the news media, this was sensational. Continue reading “Jefferson Parish Corruption Omnibus: Today Aaron Broussard put his hand on a bible and admitted he is a filthy sack of crap”

And today’s feature question from reader email

Q. Why does Slabbed not have a blogroll?

A. Long story as it relates to Slabbed’s battle to insure our basic civil liberties were not abridged by evil doers. That said I promote other local blogs often on Twitter. If you want to see what one of my oldest cyber friend does on his blog then check out Reflexiones Finales. I’ve always tried to associate with people that are smarter than I and Russell is a classic example.


reflexiones finales – Spanish for “final thoughts”- offers deep background on the human (inevitably) terminal condition. It tends to look at history, sociology, and occasionally the reflection of such in current trends. Fiction representations of such are reviewed. 

It is not an attempt to convince anyone that the world is about to end. There is the expression “The End of the World as We Know It” (EOTWAWKI) which strikes me as a very low bar to reach. The knowable and understandable world has changed for every single generation in the Western World since (at least) the advent of the industrial revolution. 

Soon, Slabbed will once again have a links section as well as dot org email contacts. Meantime enjoy the musings of the smartest guy in the room.