23 thoughts on “BREAKING: Aaron Broussard to plead guilty.”

  1. Food for thought ” When Fazzio and his boss went to the extraordinary trouble in opening numerous false companies to violate state campaign contribution laws they knew before hand the individual would know where the money came from and the bribery would work ! “

  2. This is troubling news for Ray Nagin because if he cooperated with the Feds earlier he would be in the prime jail reduction sentencing role that Broussard is now. It is all about Heebe and will continue to be all about Heebe. Next up in the batting line-up is a couple of Jefferson Parish councilmembers and a few former high profile politicians from Jefferson Parish.

  3. I’m going to break my arm patting myself on the back, but this is exactly what I predicted. AB and Wilkinson will get a slap on the wrist, and in a few years, they will be back doing business in Jefferson Parish.

    1. I’m not going to repeat what I heard about those plea deals beyond saying that if Wilkinson, Whitmer and Broussard give Fred Heebe up they will have to leave the area. Judge Head also still needs to sign off.

      Beyond that you deserve to pat yourself on the back because you did call the plea deal.

      1. Believe me, even in spite of losing their law licenses (presumably), these soon-to-be convicted felons will thrive when they come out of their brief stays in minimum security prisons. Bill Schultz is a convicted felon, but that did not stop the politicos from welcoming him back with open arms. Hell, he still has his Christmas Eve lunch with his buddy Leon Cannizaro.

        In Broussard’s case he will become a political consultant, or something of the sort, and the JP pigs will not be able to get him on the payroll quickly enough. Something similar will happen with Wilkinson. Whereas these guys should be treated like pariahs, they will be treated as prodigal sons. I’ve seen it happen first-hand. Then they will go around saying how they were not really guilty and the Govt. folded and let them plead to these bullshit charges to save face because the Govt. could not convict them of the crimes with which they were charged originally.

        Now comes the interesting part. Broussard cannot keep his mouth shut. Even today, he had to give commentary to reporters on what a good family-man Wilkinson is. Odds are he will get ballsy and start talking about how he really did not do anything wrong, which of course, will undermine the plea he will enter tomorrow. Then let’s see what the Govt. does.

  4. This sucks….Im sick of these deals, you have these people dead to rights. Dont let them cut deals, throw their sorry asses in jail!

  5. Pres has always the short version for Presario which means when a person is done or the final level is reached. Broussard/Wilkinson/Whitmer have reached Presario unfortunately dozens and I mean dozens of others are unindicted co-conspirators in this unfolding legal melodrama. However, the Presario stage is fait accomplit until the other high ranking members of the Jefferson political inbred society meet the same fate as “WWB” (aka Wilkinson/Whitmer/Brousard). The problem still persists though in Letten’s office that it is still dysfunctional and they allow way too many crooks to take a quick get out of prosecution jail free & secrecy free card. The problem with this approach is that it allows the cockroaches to continue to feed while only taking a couple out of the garbage pile. The Feds got their men/women but left the other real power players who really benefited from this cesspool all alone to do it again.

  6. The GOOD … that these JP Politico Mafioso, namely Whitmer, Wilkinson and Broussard, were ever indicted in the first place …

    The BAD … that these same corrupt individuals are able to deal their way out to minimalize the consequences …

    The UGLY … that we have a US Atty’s Office that is so morally bankrupt and/or incompetent, that it chose to make a travesty of Justice …

    To sabatoge the credibility of Dept of Justice so that this US Atty’s Office can continue to pursue it’s obsession of “getting Fred Heebe” is insanity …

    Like Sock and many others, I am beyond disgusted … in fact I’m livid !!!

  7. I happen to believe that not one of the three felons mentioned above ( Broussard, Wilkinson and Whitmer) can possibly recall the details of ALL the illegal / corrupt deals they orchestrated and/or participated in …so when the Feds discover the details of these other violations one can only hope they go after the three amigos for lying to a federal agent(s)…perjury about something that happened way in the past and for which the time to prosecute has prescribed still is lying to a federal agent and presumably can result in charges being brought. Just a happy thought for those who think maybe this is too sweet a deal. Even Mr. Gill calls these “Sweetheart” deals. The only way to take the bad taste out of my mouth is to SEIZE THEIR ASSETS INCLUDING THEIR PENSIONS. They made a bunch of money while fleecing the public…they should not be financially rewarded for continuing that fleecing.

  8. unslabbed..well, I share your frustration on these three criminals plea bargaining their way out of any real justice…However, I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that these criminals will keep their pensions in spite of their guilty pleas…

    Additionally, one has to wonder whether Wilkinson and Broussard’s licenses to practice law will be revoked.
    ‘Gate, you’re tuned up on the legal side of things, since they have both pleaded Guilty, is it automatic their law licenses’ will be revoked…or is there a possibility they could retain their rights to practice after what will likely be no jail time or very little jail time…(most likely no jail time for Wilkinson and , most likely, very little time for BOO-HOO … )..

  9. Bunhare: I’ll answer that real quick about can Wilkie and Lil’Napoleon keep their licenses? All things are possible when Plattsmeier, Bill Hall and the Supreme Court of La. is involved.

    1. Fuck that piss ant Letten … he has bent over so many times making obscene and perverse deals, including those with Whitmer and Wilkinson, that his punked out asshole has morphed into a tunnel of corruption itself … he has single handedly turned the US Attorney’s Office of the EDLA into a WHOREHOUSE serviced by morally bankrupt and incompetent AUSA …

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