Aaron Broussard due in U.S. District court this morning

Drew Broach has the skinny on today’s festivities scheduled in Judge Head’s courtroom including new business with the newly flipped former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson.  Also on tap are change of venue and Broussard’s earlier motion to have the  bulk of his indictment tossed.

That said I want to talk 404 and not the internet variety, rather I’d like to take a second to address rule 404b, Federal Rules of Evidence and those recent motions made under that rule specifying evidence of other crimes involving Aaron Broussard including his use of his property in Nova Scotia Canada at the resort at Trout Point as a conduit for bribery.  Saturday, Drew Broach checked in with news Team Broussard had filed their reply to the government’s rule 404b notice, linking the salient Broussard pleading, which came to me via email with the following comment from an attorney not affiliated with the case:

As far as legal brief writing, this pleading is D, maybe D-, work. Poor grammar, syntax and typos abound. It’s also hard to understand the presentation of the case law that is supposed to be supportive of AB’s position.

What I thought was interesting was on page 2 of the brief Team Broussard summarized the “other criminal acts” mentioned in the US Attorney’s motion but spent the rest of the brief trying to debunk the campaign contribution and ethics board investigations without mentioning Broussard’s property in Nova Scotia again until the last paragraph of the brief.  My experience reading legal briefs is that is often what is not mentioned that is important as I reckon Team Broussard had nothing substantive to use to debunk the U.S. Attorney’s allegations that Broussard used his property in Nova Scotia as a conduit for bribery. Something tells me Bill Mack will be able to elaborate greatly on this topic in 6 weeks or so.

I’ll step out and predict that Broussard’s motion to have the bulk of his indictment tossed will be denied as will his efforts to suppress the prosecution’s use of rule 404b, evidence of other crimes.  The change of venue motion filed by Broussard has the best chance of the bunch as the media coverage of Broussard era graft will be on display today in Judge Head’s courtroom.

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  1. Broussard will awake after AM Wilkinson Guilty plea. Jeff Parish corruption is just beginning. CREDIT Jim Letten and LAED prosecutors.

  2. doug, i am curious. the tp retraction was that broussard had no involvement with trout point lodge and that ab was simply a guy with a place down the road nothing more. currently, trout point lodge markets ab’s properties (ex-properties?) as part of the trout point lodge. http://www.troutpoint.com/cottages.html how did tp get the other tp to retract a known fact?

    1. The exact quote I got was “the defamation laws in Canada offer far less protection than US laws” and it was not worth fighting in light of that.

      So Ashton Phelps threw his reporters under the bus.

  3. Excellent point, Jr. If you read the screed that they have put forth in the lawsuit against Slabbed, you will be left scratching your head at the denial of any association with Broussard. Just saying……

    1. In Canada the allegation of defamation is considered proven by being made and it falls to the defendants to prove it is not defamatory.

      That setup allowed Leary and Perret to build their straw man argument in Canada that the media reporting Broussard owned Trout Point Lodge was defamatory or in the case of Fox 8 runnig pictures of the Lodge in connection of the story was defamatory.

      In the Fox 8 case, Fox 8 filed a motion with Judge Muise to deice the case under Louisiana law since this was clearly a Louisiana based story. In their rebuttal Leary and Perret correctly pointed out their chances of winning under Canadian law were much greater. Justice Muise sat on that motion for months ultimately not ruling on it before the case settled.

      Straw men are not allowed in US courtrooms and it is in a US court room all their BS and abuse of the legal system has been exposed.


    (BB) LT AB = ?
    (BB)= Brightest Bulb
    LT=Legal Team
    AB =Aaron Broussard


    (BB) AB= 25W (OLB) @ Dr Sup8 LSte
    25W =25 Watt
    (OLB )= Outside Light Bulb
    @ = at
    Dr = Door
    Sup8 LSte = Super 8 Legal Suite

    1. That legal department at first blush appears to be simple Broussardian jackassery but like so many of the “small tips” I’ve gotten it has a much larger meaning.

      People do not hand me stories on a silver platter as a general rule and that is the case with the Super 8 connections but I’ve peeled enough layers off this onion to understand.

      Nipun “Nick” Desai came to the US from India as a poor college student and not long after teaming up with Hugh Sibley ended up very rich in real estate.

      I almost hate to say this but I think this was covered in The Shield.

      1. Yeah well keep pealing Doug , I am absolutely convinced that one you have exposed what Letten would more than likely over look and two you will be responsible for indictments that may have never taken place given the political will of the DOJ .

  5. There is mounting evidence of a competing species migration and race of political parasites to the Camp St. steps of U.S.District Court.Will it be Wilkisonia wormiae or Napoleonia cryolia who gets there first. Perhaps they will meet and mate in the passion of the migration and create the new genetic line, Sqeelius porkeoliae. Professor Letten Phd of Parasitology seems to be attracting strange creatures of the Louisiana underworld but how many creepy crawlers does he need as bait in order to catch the elusive Heebia jeebiae.

    1. IMHO Every damn one he can get and use Heebe too f it leads to bigger fish , expose , expose , expose !!! Felon’s can’t run for office , what we need now is a state law terminating convicted politicos pensions and pursuing reparations , seize every thing they own !

  6. Lawrence Chehardy would have been the point man on the zero assessment for the Desai hotel wouldn’t he? I wonder if he recieved a visit from the man in the black suit which is why he abruptly resigned without telling his closest allies. Could his indictment be looming?

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