Confessions of an unrepentant Citizen/Blogger/Journalist.

Over the weekend in comments I mentioned something about telling my story about the week of August 6-10, 2012 because it illustrates the commitment I bring to Slabbed.   This project has become something bigger than one person as we are a community of citizen/bloggers determined to see the systemic corruption in this area cleaned up and I hope it inspires more of my fellow citizens to stand up for themselves and their community.

First is what you guys already know, I earn a living as a sole practitioner CPA in a specialized practice.  The economic crash of 2008 has impacted my small business like most others and my current headcount stands at 2 because of that.  I mention this because the buck stops on my desk quickly and when my assistant’s mother, terminally ill went on hospice in early July, it fell to me to keep the lights on.  She died in early August.

On Monday the 6th it fell to me to cover an appointment up Lamar County way and some of my tweeps may remember me jabbering about the countryside on Twitter all the way up. It was a brave cyber persona for I had  a raging case of the shingles going and there was no way I’d get to see my Doc until Tuesday.  I covered that appointment working all day and somehow even managed to get a couple of posts up for Slabbed. Continue reading “Confessions of an unrepentant Citizen/Blogger/Journalist.”

Aaron Broussard due in U.S. District court this morning

Drew Broach has the skinny on today’s festivities scheduled in Judge Head’s courtroom including new business with the newly flipped former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson.  Also on tap are change of venue and Broussard’s earlier motion to have the  bulk of his indictment tossed.

That said I want to talk 404 and not the internet variety, rather I’d like to take a second to address rule 404b, Federal Rules of Evidence and those recent motions made under that rule specifying evidence of other crimes involving Aaron Broussard including his use of his property in Nova Scotia Canada at the resort at Trout Point as a conduit for bribery.  Saturday, Drew Broach checked in with news Team Broussard had filed their reply to the government’s rule 404b notice, linking the salient Broussard pleading, which came to me via email with the following comment from an attorney not affiliated with the case:

As far as legal brief writing, this pleading is D, maybe D-, work. Poor grammar, syntax and typos abound. It’s also hard to understand the presentation of the case law that is supposed to be supportive of AB’s position.

What I thought was interesting was on page 2 of the brief Team Broussard summarized the “other criminal acts” mentioned in the US Attorney’s motion but spent the rest of the brief trying to debunk the campaign contribution and ethics board investigations without mentioning Broussard’s property in Nova Scotia again until the last paragraph of the brief. Continue reading “Aaron Broussard due in U.S. District court this morning”