I’m very close to tying several things together

The Wino has been talking folks and now the previously blind now see.  It is not for the faint of heart.

Let’s think business/socially and make some connections.  We need to go back to the late legendary trial lawyer Wendell Gauthier.  He is the tie that binds all of the major power players in Jefferson Parish and his legacy, like that of NFL great head coaches lie in the legacy of former assistants that made good on their own.  In this case “making good” meaning rising to the top of the cesspool in Jefferson Parish.

Aaron Broussard traces his early roots to Gauthier via the Pan Am Crash litigation (and before). So does Danny Abel and Vaughn Perret.  We know from published reports that Calvin Fayard fits in.  We also know that Calvin Fayard is closely associated with Hugh Sibley.  Sibley in turn was closely associated with Pravin Desai via his son Nipun “Nick” Desai.  Our recent review of our Trout Point and Cerro Coyote coverage featured Desai’s Super 8 Motel on Clearview, a major commercial property with a zero tax assessment.  We also know that Aaron Broussard and Danny Abel used that address in court filings forming the “legal department” there thus we come full circle.

We also have some very tantalizing news accounts of problems in Canada with major banks engaging in money laundering including Scotia Bank, which also had operations in Costa Rica.

By now I think I’ve made my point in saying that former Slabbed commenter Telemachus was featured so prominently in Trout Point Lodge, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret’s Nova Scotia SLAPP suit against Slabbed not because he ever made fun of them because he didn’t. Rather, Telemachus was dangerous to them for another reason that I’ll only strongly hint at for now.  Today I have several new leads to chase before I can roll anything out on that topic.

To the above I’ll add I am very aware of the overdrive rumor mill going on in Jefferson Parish political circles in response to the Tom Wilkinson joining Tim Whitmer in cutting a sweetheart plea deal with Team Letten in the Payroll Fraud/Bribery case involving Aaron Broussard.  People are not happy with the leniency shown but the sagest of observers all indicate to Slabbed that if Whitmer and Wilkinson give up Fred Heebe and Jim Ward they will have to “leave the area” for their own good as putting either of those two in jail would “carry consequences” locally at some point in time. To the extent Wilkinson and Whitmer constituted the totality of the River Birch contract cram down in Parish Government back in 2008-2009, in theory they should also be able to implicate certain members of the Parish council.  Finally there are those that see these sweetheart plea deals as the final ass covering of a fatally wounded US Attorney, such speculation fueled by the Sal Perricone debacle.

A Mississippi reporter has termed this cluster f*ck a “Louisiana briar patch” to me months ago and that was before it became a cluster f*ck.  The sagest of media observers do not know what to make of things as we are seeing punditry scattered all over creation from piling on to James Gill skewering Jim Letten last Sunday over at NOLA.com.

I wonder if Team Public Integrity understands this is so much bigger than Public Integrity.  They’ll need their best organized crime people to fight this battle.

Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “I’m very close to tying several things together”

  1. The ole’ SDS ( Sudden Death Syndrome ) – first Katz then Roy

    Remember the mistake in the JFK inquiry when Garrison did not jail and protect pilot David Ferrie ( who was involved with Oswald, the CIA operation Mongoose and was supposedly traveling to Houston on a geese hunt with no guns in the rain the day after the assassination) was later found dead in his apartment..

    1. My ex-wife’s divorce attorney is Danny Abel. Just recently she copied me on an email that she sent to Daniel Patrick Eagan. I believe Danny Abel is aka Daniel Patrick Eagan.

  2. IMHO keep following the Heebe-Fazzio money that’s were the pressure will come for Letten to pull up short not from the sidecar Perricone debacle. Last thing Diaper Dan Vitter and fullmoon wants on the verge of having the BP billions released is for the enormity of the corruption in JP be exposed nationaly.

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